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Sony Music's VTuber project VEE, the third batch of virtual talents Dev-c will debut on August 26!

Sony Music's VTuber project VEE, the third batch of virtual talents Dev-c will debut on August 26!

Virtual Talent Development & Management Project VEE by Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
The VEE Virtual Talent Audition, held since July 2021, has attracted attention as a new virtual force, with the number of applicants surpassing 18,000.
Up until now, VEE has had 5 members of Dev-a, who debuted in May 2022, and 5 members of Dev-b, who debuted in June 2022, but now 5 new virtual talents will debut as Dev-c!

Dev-c debuts from Sony Music's VTuber project "VEE"


Sony Music's largest-ever virtual talent development and management project VEE announces its third virtual talent Dev-c!

In addition to ANEW UPARU, who has been active as an individual VTuber, the five new VTubers making their debut are AOMIYA YOZURI, URIYONE, COTONOHA and LUMINOUS SWEET!
You can find profiles and visuals of each talent on the VEE official website, so be sure to check it out!


Dev-c Talent Information

AOMIYA YOZURI(@aomiyayozuri)


"You are the talented ones who live in this world. Join me and let the adventure begin!
She is an adventurer from another world and his title is Gunblader Warrior."

Tipping his hat to the power of the people who live so earnestly in this world, he started a virtual talent show with the aim of recruiting warriors to his guild.
His dream is to be fed by the guildmen, to make his name on the list of high taxpayers, and to eat a lot of snapper, his favorite food.
Usually, he likes to play "games" and is immersed in them while researching our world.

Dream Become a guild master of an S-class guild (about 1 million members or more), be supported by your guildmates, make your name on the list of high taxpayers, and eat a lot of snapper.
Favorite Sea bream / Money / Sashimi / Ramen / Animals
Special skill FPS / Cooking / Drinks faster than others
Illustrator Mito Nagishiro(@lemon_mito)




"My, everyone's internet is going to be down...! No way!"
Until a few years ago, I lived a very normal life, but one day I was able to enter a virtual world.
In order to fight against "20XX," he is now working with "Mr. Nyamori," a teacher from the future. The truth is...!

—Message from my partner—
I'm Nyamori Sensei, and I've come to Upal to fight against "20XX"!
Upal is usually quiet, but he talks a lot in the streaming! Let's give him lots of love!

Dream No. 1: Live a prosperous Internet life
No. 2: Natural Phenomena More Awesome than Dreams
No.3: The future? Change the future (as told by Nyamori Sensei)
Favorite Super weird / Super small / Super big
Special skill Piano / Wool Felt (Really!)
Illustrator UPARU (person himself)




"Cheers and abuse! Laugh it up!"
A traveling merchant from another world who sells a variety of excellent tools and junk.
He loves to talk cheerfully, and people say, "Talking with URIYONE makes you want to buy whatever you want".
Before he could remember, he was picked up by a traveling merchant couple and raised while traveling.
He has continued to work as a merchant somewhat as it is, but a mafioso in a book he read as a child was cool, and he has been admiring him ever since.
He came to this world using a raven called "Tabigarasu," which connects this world with another world.
At that time, I learned about an organization called VEE and thought, "Mafia -> organization -> VEE -> cool!... joined VEE with an idea.
New items were purchased and distribution activities were initiated to gather information from more people.
In this world, they are based in a wooden inn in the back alley of a bustling city.

Dream Strong man!!!!
Favorite Talking to people / Beautiful women / Parfait / Sweet food
Special skill I don't know
Illustrator Izumi(@izumi516)




"I want to know... why this heart is beating."
A star that was about to disappear when it fell into a valley was given "survival instincts" and "emotions" by the valley's inhabitants and took on the form of a girl.
She is now searching for a way of life, while being curious and anxious about her mind shaken by "music".
In order to be more involved with music and others, he attempts to interact with humans through video streaming.

Dream To move people's hearts
Favorite Beautiful / Music / Painting / Delicious Food / Lily of the valley / Creatures
Special skill Meaningful picture
Illustrator Kurige Horse(@kurige_horse)


LUMINOUS SWEET(@luminous_amaama)


"I want you to like me. Lumimimimi!!!
Later on, we'll play together, eat together, and grow together. Lumimi!!!!!"

A fairy in the cyber world who is learning about the human world in order to make humans happy.
Normally a student at a school to learn about humans, he began working with VEE to learn more about them.
She dreams of making friends with many humans and having a good time together.
Although he is able to create sweets to please the humans, he is unable to pass them on to the human world from the screen, so he eats them himself or has his fluffy friends who are always with him eat them.
The names of the fluffy friends were created by Ruminasu, who did not want to be alone, with the saggy-eyed girl being kinky and the hangnail-eyed girl being pinched.

The fluffy friends were named Kyunkyun for the droopy-eyed ones and Tsuntsun for the pinched-eyed ones, created by LUMINOUS who didn't want to be alone.

Dream I want to make lots of friends!
Favorite Playing / Talking / Eating sweets / Learning about humans / Being with you
Special skill I can talk for about half a day and not lose my voice.
Illustrator tsucaco(@tsucaco)

The first live broadcast will be on Friday, August 26!

Twitter activity for each member of Dev-c will start on Monday, August 22, 2022!
In conjunction with this, the first YouTube live streaming schedule has also been released!

The first live broadcast is scheduled for Friday, August 26, 2022, at 18:00 in a relay format.
Make sure you subscribe to each member's channel while you still can so you don't miss any of the feeds!
* All dates and times are Japan time.

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