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The number of post courses of "Super Mario Maker 2" has exceeded 10 million! The upper limit that can be posted is also up!


Nintendo's " Super Mario Maker 2 " lets you freely create and play with Mario courses.
Of course it's fun to create courses and advance through the story mode, but the best part is being able to play courses created and submitted by players from all over the world.
The Saiga NAK editorial team takes turns playing courses of the highest difficulty at the time, and we do things like not being able to leave until we clear the course.
Super Mario Maker 2 was released on June 28, 2019, and even though it has only been on the market for a little over half a year, the number of courses submitted worldwide has surpassed 10 million!

To celebrate the 10 millionth course!

To commemorate the 10 millionth course submitted worldwide for "Super Mario Maker 2" as of January 7, 2020, producer Takushi Tezuka made a comment.

手塚卓志 コメント
Takushi Tezuka Comment

Thank you for all the unique courses you create!
The development team is very inspired by the courses you create.

To commemorate the 10 millionth course, we have increased the number of courses that can be submitted from "64" to "100".
As of today, the number of courses you can submit has increased from 64 to 100!

We look forward to seeing more interesting courses in the future.
We are looking forward to seeing more interesting courses in the future.
We look forward to your continued support.

Super Mario Maker 2
Producer Takushi Tezuka


As Mr. Tezuka mentioned in his comment, the limit for the number of courses that can be submitted was previously 64, but as of today, the limit has been raised to 100!
This means that even more courses will be submitted and many great courses will be created. Let's start submitting and challenging!

Details of the 3rd "Hack 'n' Time Attack" announced!

Hack 'n' Time Attack" is a mode in which players compete against rivals from all over the world for the best time on a specified course. The details of the 3rd Hack 'n' Time Attack have been announced!
The date and time of the event will be January 8, 2020 (Wednesday) 11:00 - January 15, 2020 (Wednesday) 11:00, and the course will be the "10 coins at the bottom of the forest"!

10 coins at the bottom of the forest

The goal of this vertical course is to pick up the 10 co ins at the bottom of the course. It seems that the key is to use the "Kabe-kick".
Let's challenge the fastest time so that we don't lose to our rivals from all over the world!

Mario Maker continues to evolve!

One of the great things about "Super Mario Maker 2" is that there are creators of courses all over the world, so you can play many courses that you would never have thought of yourself.
Other players are just as amazed and entertained by the courses you've created as you are by your own.
Now that the submission limit has been increased, why don't you submit a new course?
For more information, visit the official Nintendo website!


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