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4 new characters are added to the rare gacha event "Summer Girls" being held in "Nyanko Great War"!


The Battle Cats," a tower defense game featuring creepy-cute characters
The Battle Cats" series has been downloaded more than 53 million times and its popularity knows no bounds.
The Battle Cats" for Nintendo Switch has added a battle mode, and many of you may have played it with your family or loved ones on holidays.
The Battle Cats" has been running a limited time event called " Nyanko Summer Festa " since July 22, and as part of the event, a rare gacha event "Summer Girls " with new characters has started! The "Summer Girls" gacha event has started!


Four new super-rare and ultra-rare characters have been added!

Rare Gacha Event "Summer Girls

Summer Girls" will be held until August 11, 2020 (Tuesday) at 10:59 pm, and will feature cute characters perfect for the midsummer season.
The newly added limited characters are

  • Super Rare "Aqua Shooter Saki
  • Super Rare "Summer of Nekorga
  • Extreme Rare "Tanned Cat" character
  • The four extremely rare "Lifesaving Kitten" characters

There are four characters.
Each character is a Lv 10 character, "Aqua Shooter Saki" is "Aqua Buster Saki", "Summer of Nekorga" is "Miwakuno Pasaran", "Tanning Cat" is "Tanning Cat Builder", and "Rescue Nyanko" is "Rescue Nyanko". Tanning Cat Builder" and "Lifesaving Nyanko" will open up to "Dango Nyanko Brothers"!

Limited Time Stage "Tokimeki Summer Festival

Also, " Tokimeki Natsu Matsuri ", a summer-only limited time stage, will be held until August 7 (Fri.) at 10:59 p.m., and if you clear the stage during this period, you will have a low chance of getting " Neko Awaodori ".
The probability of getting it will be higher if you clear the later stages, so keep going through the stages or use the Treasure Radar to get it in one shot!

The new coronavirus has reduced the number of opportunities to enjoy summer-like events, but why don't you feel a little more summery by acquiring the newly added characters in "The Battle Cats"?
For more information about the event and the characters, please check the announcement in the app!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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