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Topre, which is familiar with REALFORCE, will have a booth at TGS2022! The prototype of the new gaming REALFORCCE is unveiled for the first time!


"The game never, ever stops.Tokyo Game Show 2022 " (TGS2022) will be held from September 15 (Thu) to September 18 (Sun), 2022, under the theme "REALFORCE".
With only one week to go until the show, the " Tokyo Game Show 2022 Preparation Special " has been broadcast, giving us a full picture of TGS2022.
A map of the venue has also been released, so all companies that will be at the Business Day and those that will be at the General Public Day should check the locations of the booths they want to visit in advance!
Since TGS2022 is Japan's largest "game festival," attention tends to focus on new titles from game manufacturers, but there are also many other companies exhibiting, including schools, food manufacturers, device manufacturers, and merchandise vendors.
Among them, we would like to introduce you to Topre, a well-known company known for its " REALFORCE," which is used by many writing and IT companies, including Saiga NAK!

The first prototype of the gaming REALFORCE is unveiled!

Topre is a company that is expanding its business by taking advantage of its high technological capabilities in four main areas: automotive products, refrigerated vehicles, air conditioning products, and electronic products.
However, for IT professionals, the Japanese-made keyboard " REALFORCE " is synonymous with the company's products.
The keyboard, equipped with capacitance non-contact switches, is the pinnacle of keyboards, not only providing a comfortable and fatigue-free typing experience, but also offering durability for a long period of use due to the non-contact system.
The "REALFORCE" is so comfortable that once you use it, you will never be able to go back to other keyboards. The "REALFORCE" I use boasts such durability that I do not feel any deterioration at all even if I keep hitting the keys almost every day for more than 10 years with a strong key touch.
REALFORCE" is now also available in the " REALFORCE RGB " series with RGB lighting as part of the Gaming Series and the " ARESPEAR " gaming keyboard for KONAMI's e-sports device, " ARESPEAR ". ARESPEAR K100F" and "ARESPEAR K100L" gaming keyboards.
Topre is currently working on a new gaming keyboard scheduled for release in 2023, and the prototype will be unveiled for the first time at TGS2022.

New gaming keyboards to be released in 2023
New gaming keyboards to be released in 2023

Of course, you have to be able to touch and feel the keyboards, so not only will the "REALFORCE" keyboards and accessories to be released soon be on display, but there will also be a test play area where you can try out new games using prototype gaming keyboards!
Don't miss this unique opportunity to be the first to try out the prototype of the gaming keyboard that will be released next year!
The Topre booth will be located at Exhibition Hall 8 (Booth #8-C04) The Topre booth will be located at

5% off coupon for R3S Sirisys!

In commemoration of the TGS2022 exhibition, the REALFORCE store on Amazon.co.jp is offering a coupon for a 5% discount on the R3S series!
Since "REALFORCE" is a moderately priced item, even 5% is more than 1,000 yen less! Thank goodness!
Eligible products are

  • R3SA11
  • R3SA12
  • R3SA13
  • R3SA21
  • R3SA31
  • R3SA31
  • R3SC11
  • R3SC11
  • R3SC12 R3SC13
  • R3SC13 R3SC21
  • R3SC21
  • R3SC41

The lineup is wide and varied, so take this opportunity to get the "REALFORCE" you've always dreamed of at a great price!
The coupon will be distributed and applied until September 18, 2022 (Sun.), the last day of TGS2022!
Please check the "REALFORCE" store on Amazon.co.jp to see the applicable products!


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