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Wellplayed Lyzest and cosplayer Moe Iori sign agent deal


Wellplayed Raizest Corporation, a leader in the e-sports industry and planner and operator of many events both in Japan and abroad, announced that it has signed an agent contract with cosplayer Moe Iori.


Supporting e-sports related activities

Moe Iori (@moe_five is a cosplayer, gravure idol, and radio personality.
Known for her love of video games, Iori recently became an EDION eSports ambassador in January 2021. She is also active as a model for the gaming furniture brand Bauhutte, and her work related to gaming and e-sports is increasing.
Through this agent contract with Wellplayed Raizest, the company will support Moe Iori in her e-sports-related projects.
Moe Iori has been actively distributing her games on her YouTube channel, and her work with Wellplayed Raizest is expected to increase her opportunities in gaming and e-sports.
For more information, please visit the official Wellplayed Raizest Corporation website press release page


Comment from Moe Iori

Moe Iori
ウェルプレイド・ライゼスト株式会社公式サイト プレスリリースページ

I had the pleasure of working as an interviewer for the first e-sports tournament in 2020.

I have loved video games since I was a little girl, and even as an adult I sometimes play 20 hours a day, so I was very happy that I could be involved in e-sports work.

However, I am usually mainly involved in cosplay and gravure, so I was very nervous because it was my first time working in this field, so I prepared and studied as much as possible in advance.

At the time, I was feeling a sense of stagnation due to the new coronavirus, but I felt comfortable and enjoyed the passion of the staff members organizing the event, the viewers watching the games, and the players working hard on their games, all of whom were enthusiastically facing e-sports.

I am also passionate about e-sports, and I would like to further promote the appeal and potential of e-sports.

I will do my best and look forward to working with you.
ウェルプレイド・ライゼスト株式会社公式サイト プレスリリースページ


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Moe Iori, a cosplayer, is appointed as an EDION esports ambassador!
Moe Iori, a cosplayer, is appointed as an EDION esports ambassador!...

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