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Motherboard with outstanding stability and reliability is coming from ASUS! “TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS / PLUS(Wi-Fi)”

抜群の安定性と信頼性を誇るマザーボードがASUSから登場!「TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS / PLUS(Wi-Fi)」

ASUS JAPAN, Ltd. announces the " TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS(Wi-Fi) " and " TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS& " microATX motherboards in the TUF Gaming series with the Intel B460 chipset. quot;were announced.
The TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS is a microATX motherboard with a large area and a high-capacity heatsink, providing high cooling performance.

TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS / PLUS(Wi-Fi)


Motherboard with outstanding stability and reliability

This product is equipped with dedicated components that enhance stability and reliability.
The "TUF Choke Coil" provides stable power to the CPU and enhances system stability, the "TUF MOSFET" improves power efficiency and reduces heat generation, and the "TUF Capacitor" boasts up to 20% higher temperature resistance and an astonishing 5 times longer life than normal capacitors. TUF capacitors are ideal for high-load gaming PCs.

High-durability PCI Express slots

高耐久PCI Expressスロット"SafeSlot Core+"
Ruggedized PCI Express slot "SafeSlot Core+".

The PCI Express slots for graphics boards and other components are equipped with ASUS' exclusive " SafeSlot Core+ " durable PCI Express slots.
The PCI Express slots are protected by stainless steel braces to prevent damage.
The metal cover is secured to the PCI Express slot with hooks and secured to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with strong solder, making it extremely durable.
It is 1. 6 times stronger in the direction the card is pulled out and 1.6 times stronger in the direction the load is applied, so it can be used with confidence even with graphics cards that increase in weight as they become higher end.

Fan Xpert" fan control function boasts high heat removal performance.

ファンコントール機能"Fan Xpert"
Fan control function "Fan Xpert

Fan Xpert" is a function that allows detailed control of CPU fan and case fan rotation speed according to CPU temperature.
Using Windows software, the fan speed can be set to increase when the CPU temperature exceeds the set temperature, or the fan speed can be adjusted in steps according to the CPU temperature.
This is a very helpful feature, especially for gaming PCs where heat removal is important!
Use the "Fan Xpert" function to flexibly adjust fan speeds to maximize your PC's performance.

Aura Sync" Function

"Aura Sync"機能
Aura Sync" functionality

The Aura Sync RGB illumination feature allows you to control LEDs on all Aura-supported products from a single application for a unified lighting experience.
The product also features an addressable Gen 2 RGB header, which detects the number of LEDs in a Gen 2 addressable RGB device and automatically adjusts the lighting effects to match the specific device.

Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200

Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 搭載
Equipped with Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200

The TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS (Wi-Fi) is equipped with the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 module.
Compatible with the IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard, it boosts the theoretical peak bandwidth to 2.4Gbp, allowing for more efficient operation in congested networks with heavy traffic.
The TUF-AX3000 router introduced in the past supports Wi-Fi 6, making the TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS (Wi-Fi) model one of the best solutions.

TUF Gamingシリーズ初のルーター ASUS TUF Gaming「TUF-AX3000」を発表


TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS(Wi-Fi) TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS
Supported Sockets LGA 1200
Supported CPU 10th generation Intel Core, Pentium Gold/Celeron processors
Chipset Intel B460
Supported memory DDR4-2933 x 4 (max. 128GB)
Expansion slots PCIe 3.0 x16 x 2, PCIe 3.0 x1 x 1
Screen output terminals DisplayPort 1.4 x 1, HDMI 1.4b x 1, DVI-D x 1
Storage Functions M.2 x 2, SATA 6Gb/s x 6
Wireless function Wi-Fi 6 (ax/ac/n/a/g/b)
Bluetooth 5.1
-1.4 x 1, HDMI 1.4b x 1
Wired LAN function 1000BASE-T x 1
USB (external/internal) USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 6 (4/2), USB 2.0 x 6 (2/4)
Form factor microATX (244mm x 244mm)

A full range of other features

The motherboard is an important part that serves as the foundation of a computer.
It is not unusual for a motherboard to be used for many years, and this product, with its high durability as well as outstanding stability and reliability, can be said to be a reliable product.
Among the features, the highly durable PCI Express slot "safeSlot Core+" is an important part that supports the graphics card, the key component of a gaming PC.
This is a feature that is appreciated by those who use high-end graphics cards.
There are too many features to cover in this article.
For detailed specifications and other features, please visit the ASUS official website "TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS (WI-FI)" Overview page and the ASUS official website "TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS" Overview page.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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