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Chew and charge energy! Energy gum "Chlorets XP Energy Drink Mint" containing maca will be released!

噛んでエナジーをチャージ!マカ配合のエナジーガム「クロレッツXP エナジードリンクミント」発売決定!

Today, we live in a warring age of energy drinks. In addition to beverages, there are many other types of energy drinks on the market today, such as ramune, gummy bears, and tablets.
It is good that you can easily get energy from various flavors, but beverages are often carbonated, so you may feel full, and gummy beverages and tablets are easy to eat, but you may be concerned about the calories.

In such cases, I often chew gum to cover up the loneliness in my mouth and to improve my concentration. ・・・・・
Then, if there is a gum that contains energy ingredients from the beginning, isn't that a solution?
A new product that addresses this blind spot has just been announced!
Mondelez Japan, Inc. has announced the release of " Chloretz XP Energy Drink Mint " from its "Chloretz" series!

Chewable energy drink containing Maca!

クロレッツXP エナジードリンクミント
Chloretz XP Energy Drink Mint

Chloretz XP Energy Drink Mint" is a new product from the "Chloretz XP " gum lineup in the "Chloretz " series, which offers a wide range of breath freshening products such as gum, tablets, and candies.
There are several energy drink-flavored chewing gums on the market, but most of them only taste like energy drinks.
However, "Chloretz XP Energy Drink Mint" contains maca, a highly recognized energy drink ingredient! This can boost your mood in addition to the refreshing effect of chewing gum!

With the increasing number of people working remotely these days, it is often said that it is difficult to change one's mood for work at home.
Chloretz XP Energy Drink Mint, which contains "Maca" and is expected to boost your mood, will help you switch on and off at the start of work, or when you want to concentrate the most.
It will surely help you to increase your concentration and motivation before a remote meeting presentation or any other situation where you can't afford to fail!
Of course, like the other products in the "Chloretz XP" series, it also contains " Green Tea Polyphenol " and " Xylitol ". The fruity energy drink mint flavor will keep your breath refreshed for a long time.
Chloretz XP Energy Drink Mint" will go on sale on Monday, October 4, 2021, in a 14-grain package and a large 140 g bottle.

The price is open price, but it is not so different from other "Chloretz XP" series, so please check it out in stores!
Whether you want to curb your energy drink overindulgence, get a boost from gum alone, or both, chew on a "Chloretz XP Energy Drink Mint" for a boost of energy!
For more information on the product, please check out the "Chloretz " product lineup!


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