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This time infinite train edition! Devil's Blade "Kimekeshi Collection 2nd" release decision!

今度は無限列車編!鬼滅の刃「キメケシコレクション 第二弾」発売決定!

The " Demon Slayer " TV anime "Infinite Train" has been completed, and " Demon Slayer " is about to air.
Many fans have been eagerly awaiting the long-awaited "Yugaku-hen," and we can expect new collaborations and new goods to appear along with the "Yugaku-hen.
Before the "Yugaku-hen," a new line of goods based on the "Infinity Train" will be released.
The "Demon Slayer" "Kimekeshi Collection," the first of which was also very popular, is now available in a second volume!


The glowing dwarfs are here! Infinite Train Edition!

キメケシコレクション 第二弾
Kimekeshi Collection Vol. 2

The "Kimekeshi Collection," the first of which was also very popular, consists of erasers in the shape of characters from the "Demon Slayer" series.
Unlike the erasers of certain superheroes, this second collection can be used as erasers, so you can take it to school with you!
If the teacher says something about it, just say it's an eraser! At your own risk!

The second volume is the "Infinite Train Arc" and features the main character " Purgatory Kyoujuro ", as well as " Purgatory Senjuro ", " Kikkoza ", " Nightmare ", and other important characters from the story. The characters will also appear in the first volume.
Purgatory was also featured in the first volume, so this will be the second pattern.
So far, the selection is satisfactory, but in the second volume, " Ponjiro," " Chuitsu," " Pyonko," and " Hikaru no kobito " will appear in addition! Choice!

I know some of you haven't read the original or watched the anime yet, so I'll spare you the details of which scene they appear in, but as for the "glowing dwarf," I don't think they are sculptures that come out at the same price. But that's the beauty of it!
This time, there are a total of 8 characters and 9 color variations, including a rare one that glows in the dark, for a total of 72 types.
The first batch of 56 kinds was pretty much the same, and the second batch is even harder to complete, but of course we're going for comps this time, too!


Scheduled for release in April 2022! Reservations are open!

The "Kimekeshi Collection Vol. 2" is scheduled to go on sale in April 2022, and will be priced at 200 yen (tax included). Random BOXes will be available for 6,400 yen (tax included) for a box of 32 pieces.
Please note that the items in the box may be the same as the individual items, as well as the box.
If there are 72 kinds in total, you can get the complete set for 14,400 yen (including tax) if you don't get any at all......but the odds are astronomical.......
Although it will not be released until next spring, ANIPLEX+, animate, and other retailers have already started taking reservations.
After its release, the product may be in short supply, so if you want to be sure of getting one, be sure to make a reservation at the ANIPLEX+ reservationpage or the Animate reservation page!
For more information about the "Kimekeshi Collection Vol. 2," please visit the "Kimekeshi Collection" special site!

The correct spelling of the word "Knead" is "Fire" + "East".


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