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"DXRacer RZ-90", for "PlayStation" Limited released!


A good chair is a necessity for playing games for a long time.
The Saiga NAK editorial department has a gaming chair, the GTRACING GT899-GRAY, which is used for game play, game distribution, and for our editor-in-chief to take a nap.
There are many manufacturers selling various types of gaming chairs, and DXRacer has released a PlayStation-specific (?) gaming chair, the "DXRacer GT899-GRAY. DXRacer has released the "DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation Limited" gaming chair!

Gaming chair with speaker"GTRACING GT899-GRAY"

The design is PS-specific!

The "DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited" is based on DXRacer's high-back Racing series, and uses 3D arms and an aluminum alloy base.
The "PlayStation" Limited is a high-back model based on the Racing series of DXRacer high-back models, with 3D arms and an aluminum alloy base.

DXRacer RZ-90
DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited

It is truly a chair designed for playing PlayStation!
However, you can use it for purposes other than playing the PlayStation, of course!

The chair is also very well finished as a chair!

As mentioned above, the "DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited" is based on DXRacer's high-back Racing series, so it offers excellent comfort as a gaming chair.
The chair features the same three-dimensional molded steel frame, high-density, highly resilient urethane, and webbing belt on the seat surface as the Racing series, as well as finely adjustable 3D armrests made of urethane resin.

DXRacer RZ-90
DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited 3D Armrest

The seat rocking (cradle mode) function is ideal for when you want to take a break.

DXRacer RZ-90
DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited Seat rocking (cradle mode) function

And other features that make for a more comfortable game playing experience.

However, since it is a gaming chair, its size is quite large, so please refer to the images below to confirm whether you can install it in your gaming space!

DXRacer RZ-90
DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited Size

A must-have for PS fans!

DXRacer Twitter

"DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited" will be available at the official DXRacer Japan online store starting October 1, 2019, for 49,800 JPY (tax included).
Of course, it is a PlayStation Official Licence Product, so you can brag about it to all the PlayStation fans around you!
It's also the best gaming chair ever made, so we recommend it to anyone looking to get a gaming chair!

For more information on the product, please visit the official DXRACER Japan online store!

DXRacer RZ-90 "PlayStation" Limited Specifications
Material PU leather
Back 135 degree recline
Seat 15-degree rocking (cradle) function
Dimensions 72 cm (W) x 72 cm (D) x 127-136 cm (H)
Armrests 3D arm (up/down, back/forth, left/right pivoting)
Foot base Aluminum alloy in-line color base
Casters 5cm PU resin twin wheel casters
Seat height 49-56cm

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