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Ultra-compact portable gaming SSD,SSPH-UTseries!

Ultra-compact portable gaming SSD,SSPH-UTseries!

I-O DATA DEVICE Co., Ltd. located in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, where the IT industry and e-sports are thriving, will release a new ultra-compact portable SSD, SSPH-UT series, compatible with Windows PC, Mac, PS4, and PS4 Pro, from May 2, 2019 after the Golden Week. "SSPH-UT series" in Smoky Black color, "SSPH-UT240K", "SSPH-UT480K" and "SSPH-UT960K" will be available from May 2, 2019.
The "SSPH-UT240R", "SSPH-UT480R", and "SSPH-UT960R" will be available in mid-May.

The "SSPH-UT480K/E" and "SSPH-UT960K/E" of the "SSPH-UT/E Series" with the same product specifications but in different price ranges will be released on May 9, 2019.

Smaller and Faster SSD than Hard Disk Drives

SSPH-UT series

The company's product introduction page calls it "an SSD smaller and faster than a hard disk drive," and it lives up to its name with a compact body that weighs about 55g and measures about 80 x 80mm.

Unlike HDDs, SSDs have no moving parts, so they can be used safely even in environments prone to shock and vibration. Of course, the SSPH-UT series is bus-powered, requiring no AC adapter, and can be used simply by connecting a USB cable, making it extremely portable.

Shock and vibration resistant

SSPH-UT series

The SSPH-UT60K/E has passed a drop test from a height of 122cm, which is equivalent to the performance test (MIL-STD) used for military products by the US Department of Defense, proving its durability.

In addition, it has been awarded the "quiet rank GOLD," which is the company's original quiet rank and is the standard for "not worrying about noise even when used in the bedroom. Although this is an original quiet rank, only SSDs that clear the standards defined as "quiet" and "silent" by the National Fair Trade Council for Household Electrical Appliances are certified as quiet, so the quietness of the SSD is a given.

Reduces PS4 loading time by up to 54%!

By connecting this product to a PS4 or PS4 Pro and installing game software on the SSD, game load times can be significantly reduced. According to I-O Data, loading times can be reduced by up to 54%.

Some users may have already installed SSDs, but even those who are reluctant to do so can easily use SSDs with this product.

A Portable SSD Aimed at the Gaming and e-Sports Markets

I-O DATA is expanding its business for consumers and corporations, focusing on storage, LCDs, and networking devices. The company has also announced that it will aggressively develop and introduce storage devices for gaming.

The new portable SSD "SSPH-UT series" is a product that targets the e-sports market. The "PS4 Connection Guide" is included in the instruction manual.

A YouTube video showing how to use the external SSD with PS4 is also available on I-O Data's official product introduction page.

Two color line-ups and three capacities

SSPH-UT Series

The SSPH-UT series is available in two colors, Smoky Black and Wine Red. Three capacities are available: 240GB/480GB/960GB.

The SSPH-UT series of portable SSDs is a product that targets the eSports market. As proof, a "PS4 Connection Guide" is included in the instruction manual.

SSPH-UT Series Product Specifications

Interface USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) / USB 2.0 (MicroB connector) x 1
Power supply USB bus power
Format NTFS
Installation conditions Horizontal installation
External dimensions (main unit only) Approx. 80(W)×80(D)×15(H)mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight (main unit only) Approx. 55g
Weight (when packed) Approx. 125g
Operating temperature range 5 to 35°C
Operating humidity range 20 to 80% *No condensation
Standards and Regulations VCCI Class B, RoHS compliant (10 substances)
Warranty Period 1 year warranty

Save on sales price now!

You can buy it now at ioPLAZA, the official direct sales site, at a lower price than the list price, and you can also get about 10% points back.

The SSPH-UT/E series is also available at even lower prices on Amazon and other retailers. The product specifications are identical as far as the description is concerned, and it is expected that the packaging has probably been simplified.

240GB 480GB 960GB
ioPLAZA 7,538 JPY 7,538 JPY 21,384 JPY
Amazon ---Amazon 7,391 JPY 14,231 JPY
Rakuten Ichiba Amazon --- 7,391 JPY 7,780 JPY 14,980 JPY
Bic Camera 6,782 JPY 10,778 JPY 20,304 JPY
Yodobashi Camera 6,780 JPY 10,780 JPY 21,380 JPY

The SSPH-UT/E series does not have a wine red or 240GB model, but it is considerably cheaper than the SSPH-UT series.
Bic Camera, an electronics retailer, offers 10% Bic points, and Yodobashi Camera offers 13%. The direct sales site ioPLAZA also appears to be more expensive than the actual price, but ioPLAZA also grants approximately 10% points.

And this price range may only be available right after the product goes on sale, so we recommend you buy as soon as possible!