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This also rushes into the red light district edition! "Tam no Tamagotchi Yukaku Hen" release decision!

こちらも遊郭編に突入!「きめつたまごっち 遊郭編」発売決定!

Tamagotchi " celebrates its 25th anniversary in November 2021.
In commemoration of the 25th anniversary, a number of new products have been released, among which the popular " Tamagotchi nano " series is the small, colon-shaped one.
The "Tamagotchi nano" series is one of the most popular and smallest in the world, and has been the focus of much attention for its collaboration models with various works such as "PUIPUI Morka," "Star Wars," and "Jujutsu Kaisen," and recently announced a collaboration with "Sword Dance. The most talked-about model is the "Demon Slayer" collaboration model " Kitsu Tamagotchi ".
The first version was "Tanjirou," "Nezukko," and "Kisatsu Taichi" colors, the second version was "Zenitsuchi" and "Inosucchi" colors, and the third version was "Hashira Gathering Version" and "Quot;" the third version was "Hashira Gathering Version. The third "Pillar Gathering Edition & quot;has been released in the colors of nine "Pillar" members, and now the fourth volume has been decided to be released!
Just like the TV anime, the "Kiki-Tamagotchi" will be entering a "brothel version"!


Limited characters have also been added to the "brothel version"!

The fourth "Ki-tamagotchi" will be the " Ki-tamagotchi: Yuukaku-hen" and will come in three colors: " Hinokami Kagura Color," " Bakugoro Color," and the Amazon limited prize, " Water Breath Color & Quot;". quot; as an Amazon-exclusive prize!
The new design is based on the image of Sumijiro's Water Breathing, Hinokami Kagura, and Priestess Priestess's Bakuhoku.


Just like the previous "Kikimete Tamagotchi", depending on how they are raised, they can grow into the 9 pillars, Sumijiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Neiduko, as well as " Sumiko ", " Zenko ", " Inoko", and "quot;as characters exclusive to the "Yuukaku-hen". quot; as well as "Sumiko", "Zenko", "Inoko" & quot; as characters exclusive to the "Yuukaku version"!

きめつたまごっち 遊郭編
Kikketsu Tamagotchi, Yuukaku-hen

Along with the appearance of "Sumiko", "Zenko", and "Inoko", the training has also been renewed! Play " MIZUMI Belt Cutter ", " Luggage Carrier ", " Shamisen " and train yourself!

きめつたまごっち 遊郭編
Kittatame Tamagotchi: Yuukaku-hen

The important demons from the original story also make a new appearance, including " Kikuboza," " Fallen Princess," and " Taro the Geisha, " as well as " Mukimuki Nezumi," " Koinatsu Hanakai," " Onimai Tsuji Musho," & " Onimai Tsuji Musho "! quot; Purgatory Shinjuro " are also highlights of the production that recreates the anime.

きめつたまごっち 遊郭編
Kittatame Tamagotchi: Yuukaku-hen

On sale June 18! Reservations are now being accepted!

Kikimete Tamagotchi: Yuukaku-hen" is scheduled to go on sale on June 18, 2022, for 2,530 yen (tax included).
Reservations are now being taken at retailers, but please note that the "Water Breathing Color" will be available only at Amazon.co.jp.
The "Hinokami Kagura Color," "Bakubetsu Color," and "Water Breathing Color" have different designs, but the program is the same.
The TV anime has entered the "Yuukaku-hen" and is becoming increasingly popular, and the story is getting more and more exciting!
If you are not careful, you may end up pre-ordering the product early due to its popularity, so be sure to consider pre-ordering early!
For more details, please check the " Kikimete Tamagotchi: Yuukaku-hen" product page!


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