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Logitech G's 6 products are certified as the recommended devices for online RPG "LOST ARK"! A present campaign is also being carried out!

ロジクールGの6製品がオンラインRPG「LOST ARK」推奨デバイスに認定!プレゼントキャンペーンも実施中!

Logitech G ", a gaming brand developed by Logitech, Inc., offers high cost performance and is supported by a wide range of users from beginners to professional gamers.
Six products from Logitech G have been certified as recommended devices for the " Lost Ark ", an online RPG for the PC with a look down view!
Lost Ark" is an online RPG dedicated to everyone . With the catchphrase, " Lost Ark" is a new online RPG that offers a dramatic storyline with distinctive camera work and powerful battles where players can slay a large number of enemies with dynamic action.

Six "Lost Ark" Recommended Devices

The devices certified as "Lost Ark" recommended devices are the " G604 " and " G600 " multi-button mice, the " G913 " keyboard, the " G733 " and " G331 " headsets, and the "G331" gamepad. 331 " and " F310 " gamepads!
Naturally, all of these devices are more than capable enough to play "Lost Ark"!

The "G604" wireless mouse with multiple buttons and the "G600" wired mouse

Wireless mouse "G604
Wired mouse "G600

The G604 has 15 programmable buttons , while the G600 has 20.
In the "Lost Ark" game, in addition to the eight normal skills, you can even set up shortcuts for items and riding with a single mouse!
Enjoy exhilarating battles by constantly firing skills that have cooldowns that spin around one after another!
The G604 is equipped with LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, which is known to be faster than wired technology, so you don't have to worry about delays at all!

The price on the official Logitech website is 12,760 yen (including tax) for the "G604" and 9,680 yen (including tax) for the "G600".
Please refer to the " G604" product page and "G600" product page for details.

Thin Wireless Keyboard "G913

Thin wireless keyboard "G913

The "G913" is a wireless keyboard with an eye-catching thin and sleek design.
Its main feature is its three types of switchable mechanical switches!
The keystroke feel can be changed between three different types of mechanical switches.

  • GL Clicky: Audible clicks and tactile feedback
  • GL Tactile: moderate tactile feedback with gentle keystrokes
  • GL Linear: perfectly smooth keystrokes

The user can switch between three types of keystrokes.
The G913 is a state-of-the-art wireless keyboard that is durable, responsive, and precise.

The G913 is priced at 30,800 yen (tax included) on the official Logitech website.
For more information on the G913, please visit the G913 product page.

Lightweight wireless headset "G733" available in four colors

Wireless headset "G733

The "G733" weighs 278g, making it the lightest Logitech G wireless gaming headset.
The unique LIGHTSPEED wireless technology ensures no latency, and the cable does not get in the way while gaming, making it easy to forget you're wearing a headset!
The detachable 6mm boom microphone is compatible with the "Blue VO!CE" microphone sound control function.

The G733 is priced at 19,250 yen (tax included) on the official Logitech website.
Please refer to the "G733" product page for details.

Wired headset "G331

Wired headset "G331

The "G331" is a very inexpensive headset with a 50mm audio driver that accurately reproduces both powerful sounds and quiet noises such as enemy footsteps!
It is lightweight, durable, and can be used with smartphones and home game consoles via a 3.5mm cable.

The G331 is priced at 7,480 yen (including tax) on the official Logitech website.
Please refer to the "G331" product page for details.

Wired Gamepad "F310

Wired Gamepad "F310

In "Lost Ark," you move your character not with the WASD keys, but with the right mouse button, just like in MOBAs.
Some players may be unfamiliar with this method of character movement and may be reluctant to play the game.
Lost Ark" is also compatible with the gamepad!
With the dedicated software, you can customize the button and control settings for each game!

The F310 is priced at 7,480 yen (tax included) on the official Logitech website.
Please refer to the "F310" product page for more details.

The list of "Lost Ark" recommended PCs and devices can be found on the official website.

Logitech G x LOST ARK" in-game item giveaway campaign!

All entrants who purchase a "Logitech G" product by January 24, 2021 (Sunday ) will receive an in-game item as a present!
You can use multiple item codes with one account, so why not take this opportunity to renew your PC peripheral devices?
For the latest information on Logitech G, please visit the official Logitech G website and official Twitter.

Campaign Outline
Purchase Period From Friday, December 25, 2020 to Sunday, January 24, 2021
Application Period From Friday, December 25, 2020 to Sunday, January 24, 2021
Present contents Item code for the following items
Star Blessing x10

Star Blessing x 5pcs.

Bag of Harmony Pieces (medium) x 20 pcs.
The item code can only be used once per account.
Multiple item codes can be used in one account, so multiple applications with different receipts are possible.
Application form https://www.pr-today.net/form/logicoolg_lostark_2021/
What you need to apply 1. Date of purchase
Receipt number

3. Proof of purchase with product name clearly indicated ( photo image of receipt/receipt, screen shot, etc.)
If you purchased from an online store, enter the order number from the order receipt email instead of the receipt number.
This campaign is only valid for purchases made at retailers in Japan.
Used products, personal imports, auction purchases, etc. are not eligible.
For inquiries regarding the campaign, please contact https://www.pr-today.net/form/logicoolg_lostark_inquiry/


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