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G27C5 E2, a 27-inch curved gaming monitor from MSI's G Series of gaming monitors, is now available exclusively at EDION!

MSIのゲーミングモニターGシリーズより27インチ湾曲ゲーミングモニター「G27C5 E2」がエディオン限定で発売!

Ltd. (MSI) is pleased to announce the release of the " G27C5 E2," a 27-inch curved panel gaming monitor from the "G" gaming monitor series. The "G27C5 E2" is an EDION exclusive model!

A new addition to the "G" series gaming monitor lineup!

G27C5 E2
G27C5 E2

The " G27C5 E 2" will be added to the "G" series gaming monitor lineup. The G27C5 E2 features a curved panel with a refresh rate of 170Hz and a response time of 1ms.

The curved panel provides a highly immersive experience!

Curved panel with a curvature of 1500R

The G27C5 E2, with its curved panel, has a curvature of 1500R, which is close to that of the naked eye. The G27C5 E2 has a curvature of 1500R, which is similar to that of the naked eye. The monitor uses a 27" Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) panel.

It supports a refresh rate of 170Hz and a response time of 1ms!

リフレッシュレート170Hz / 応答速度1ms
Refresh rate of 170Hz / Response time of 1ms

With a high refresh rate of 170Hz and 1ms response time, the "G27C5 E2" can display smooth and stress-free images even when playing racing games, FPS, and other games that require intense motion, compared to ordinary monitors. The G27C5 E2 is a monitor that supports response speeds that are faster than those of other monitors.

FreeSync Premium / ナイトビジョン
FreeSync Premium / Night Vision

FreeSync Premium is equipped as a synchronization function, preventing display stuttering and tearing, which can cause images to appear out of sync. The Night Vision function improves visibility in nighttime and dark scenes where it is difficult to see in order to play.

Equipped with blue light cut and anti-flicker functions

When looking directly at a monitor for a long period of time, there may be times when you need to use blue light glasses because you are concerned about eye fatigue. In addition to the blue light cut function, the G27C5 E2 is also equipped with an anti-flicker function that reduces eye fatigue over long periods of use, thus reducing flicker on the screen and reducing eye fatigue over long periods of play.

VESA mount support

The G27C5 E2 is VESA-compatible and can be mounted on a monitor arm. This is a great help when you want to increase the number of displays or place them in your preferred position, as you may have trouble securing space if the monitor is mounted on a base.

The "G27C5 E2" gaming monitor will go on sale on Friday, January 27!

MSI's gaming monitor "G27C5 E2" of the "G" series will be released on Friday, January 27, 2023! The price is 33,800 yen (tax included) and it will be an EDION limited model! For more information on the "G27C5 E2", please visit the official MSI website, and to purchase the product, please visit the official EDION website.

Product Outline
Model number G27C5 E2
Price Around 33,800 yen (including tax)
Screen size 27 inches
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution Full HD
Maximum Refresh Rate 165Hz (overclock setting: 170Hz)
Response Time 1ms (MPRT)
Panel Drive System VA
Surface Type Non-glare
Curvature 1,500R
Input terminals HDMI 1.4b x 2 DisplayPort 1.2a x 1 Headphone output x 1
Body size (W x D x H) 611.5 x 228.4 x 457.5 (mm)
Main unit weight Approx. 5.3kg


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