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This is what Razer does when he handles the necessities of live streaming! "Razer Audio Mixer" announced!

実況配信の必需品もRazerが手掛けるとこうなる!「Razer Audio Mixer」発表!

As the spread of the new coronavirus has increased the amount of time people spend at home, many people are spending more time playing games than in the past.
At the same time, some people who used to watch live game distribution have started to distribute live games, thinking "I might be able to do that too..." and have become popular distributors.
However, when it comes to using a camera and microphone, there is an increase in the number of equipment and settings required.
Among these, an audio mix er is a necessity.
By adjusting the balance between the sound from the microphone and the sound in the game, you can make it easier for the audience to hear you, and you can say that this directly affects the quality of the distribution.
Various mixers, both analog and digital, are available from a variety of manufacturers, but the long-established gaming device manufacturer " Razer " has created this mixer.
Razer Audio Mixer" has been announced!

超高画質ウェブカメラ「Razer Kiyo Pro」の日本国内発売が決定!

Basic and convenient functions in one device!

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

The "Razer Audio Mixer" is an all-in-one analog mix er that is easy to use when distributing music.
It has four channels of simple and intuitive physical faders, amute button for each channel , a microphone mute button, and a " beep button," making it easy to understand and use, so even first-time users will be able to use the mixer right away. The simple configuration makes it easy to use.

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

The simplicity of the configuration allows the Razer Audio Mixer to be set up and operated intuitively on its own, without the need for software.
The four channels consist of one direct line output for microphones and three channels for other applications such as game sounds, music, and chat.
The volume of each channel can be adjusted individually with faders, allowing for optimal volume balance and intuitive adjustment to suit the situation.
Each channel has a dedicated mute button, allowing you to completely mute the sound of that channel with the touch of a button.
If you operate the fader to mute the sound, it may shift position and change the balance when you undo it, so it is nice to have mute buttons for all channels.
There are games that include music with copyright issues, and it is helpful to be able to mute the music immediately when it is played.
When the streaming gets heated, it is easy to get into trouble with language or say something inappropriate.
In such cases, you can mute your own microphone with the microphone m ute button or add sound effects with the "beep button" to self-regulate.
It is best not to make such comments, but in case you do, take advantage of it!

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

The microphone can be connected to a 3.5mm jack, so you can use a headset microphone for casual delivery.
Of course, the "Razer Audio Mixer" is also equipped with an XLR jack, so you can use an XLR microphone!
Of course, you can use dynamic micro phones, but you can also use condenser microphones because of the 48V phantom power supply.
Although it depends on the distribution environment and situation, it is sometimes easier to put a condenser microphone in the middle when distributing with two people, so the phantom-supporting XLR jacks are very useful.
In addition, the XLR jacks are equipped with an ultra-clean low-noise gain preamplifier with gain adjustability from -12dB to 39.7dB in 0.75dB increments!
Normally, gain can be difficult to adjust, as too much gain can result in noise or feedback, but the microphone output can be amplified with low noise.
It depends on the input source, but until you get used to it, game sounds tend to be loud and audio tends to be quiet, so this is a very welcome feature.

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

The Razer Audio Mixer is a great stand-alone mixer, but it really comes into its own when you connect it to a PC and use the Razer Synapse software.
The four faders can be mapped, customized, stream-mixed, plyback-mixed, and more.

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

Microphones can also be set and adjusted in detail, including EQ, compressor, and noise gate. Clear audio can be delivered.

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

Convenient functions such as voice changers and effects are also available. You can change the pitch of your voice, create situations with echo and reverb, and other settings to entertain your audience.
Shouting out special move names with a short reverb on will make you feel like you're riding a super robot!

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

A key shifter to adjust the pitch and tempo of the input audio and vocal fading to separate and minimize the volume of the audio are also included, making it useful for recording "sing-along" type videos.

Razer Audio Mixer
Razer Audio Mixer
"Razer Audio Mixer"製品ページ

The Razer Audio Mixer is an analog mixer, but it's a Razer product, so of course it glows!
It supports Razer Chroma RGB, which allows you to customize the fader memory and mute button lights with 16.8 million colors and unlimited lighting effects.
When distributing in person, it is very convenient to have high visibility as the mixer is often operated while distributing.
You can set it up for ease of use, or make the lighting more exciting, the settings are endless.

Scheduled to be released in Japan!

The Razer Audio Mixer is now available on the Razer Store and will be priced at 32,480 yen (tax included).
The product will be available in Japan in the near future, so stay tuned for more information!
Since there are various analog mixers on the market from various manufacturers, the price of the "Razer Audio Mixer" seems a bit expensive.
However, performance is proportional to price to some extent! If you use a cheap mixer, you may find that the sound is thin or that the sound quality is degraded.
We recommend this level of mixer not only to those who are looking to upgrade from their existing mixer, but also to those who are looking to install a mixer for the first time in order to improve the quality of their distribution!
I'm sure many of you would like to see it in person first, so let's wait for the information on its release in Japan!
For more information, please check the "Razer Audio Mixer" product page!

Dimensions 155mm x 115mm x 55.3mm
Weight 468g (without cable), 526g (with cable)
Hardware Control Functions 4 channel volume slide faders, 4 channel mute buttons, 1 mic mute button, 1 beep button, 1 48V phantom power button
Analog Connections Hybrid XLR / 6.35mm jacks, 3.5mm line-in jack, 3.5mm line-out jack, 3.5mm headphone output jack, 3.5mm microphone input jack
Digital connections 1 x USB-C, 1 x optical audio cable
Audio Effects Noise gate, compressor, EQ, echo, reverb, presets, voice changer, key shifter, vocal fading
Frequency Response 10Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic Range >110Db
System Requirements Microsoft Windows 10


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