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Sanwa Supply Launches Ultra Simple Gaming Desk "100-DESKG004"! Simple lovers are a must-see item!


Sanwa Supply is a well-known manufacturer of a variety of PC peripherals.
Sanwa Supply is also involved in many gaming-related products, such as the glowing gaming chair, and has now developed a new gaming desk, the " 100-DESKG004 ".
With a simple design that easily matches the interior design of your room, many people will want the gaming desk we introduce here.

Gaming desk "100-DESKG004" on sale


The charm of Sanwa Supply's new gaming desk "100-DESKG004 " is its simplicity.
With a width of 100 cm (or 120 cm) and a depth of 60 cm, it is large enough to accommodate a gaming PC, yet it is stylishly stripped down to the bare essentials.

Of course, it is also compatible with a monitor arm.


The top panel used for this product is very thin at 16mm, allowing the monitor to be moved freely by setting a headphone hanger or attaching a monitor arm.
One might think, "If the top panel is so thin, won't it crack? "One might also think that the thin top panel might crack, but the reinforcing pipes are placed behind the top panel at a slightly offset location compared to conventional products, so it will not crack easily even if a monitor arm is used.

Some users may want to place a printer in addition to a PC, and this product has been confirmed to have a load capacity of up to 50 kg, so it is possible to place a PC and a printer as a set and achieve your ideal PC environment.

The simplicity of the product makes it highly customizable.

サンワサプライ新製品ゲーミングデスク 使用イメージサンワサプライ"100-DESKG004"販売ページ

Note that this product has no drawers or other storage, which may seem inconvenient, but that is not a problem because you can cover it with a retrofitted keyboard slider or the like.
The black and red design of the base matches well with Sanwa Supply products.
We think this is a good opportunity for you to solidify your PC with Sanwa Supply's products.


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