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Twicas's Game play-by-play App"Twicas Games"Debut!

Twicas's Game play-by-play App

TweetCasting (official website)", a service that allows users to easily stream live from smartphones and PCs, has released " TweetCasting Games," an application for live game broadcasts. "TweetCasting" from Moi Co.

Easy to use as it is! Debut as a live game player with easy operation?

Tsuikas is an app that has gained popularity among young people, including junior high and high school students, as an app that allows even beginners to easily live-stream. Tweekas Games also sells the same ease of use as Tweekas.

All you need to do to start streaming is to select 5 items according to your needs. Anyone can easily start streaming live games.

In addition to mirroring the screen, the "clip function" allows the user to go back and save 30 seconds of the streaming video with a single tap, and the "custom frame function" allows the streamer to display any image on the viewing screen. The "Clip" function allows the viewer to go back and save 30 seconds of the streamed video with one tap.

The service can be streamed not only from smartphones, but also from PCs. You can also stream from PCs via the Tweakas Games dedicated tool distribution page.

Easy to set up functions to meet your needs!

A notification function notifying followers of the start of distribution and thumbnail settings are also available, so those who want to increase their fan base can do so as well.

Group distribution and private distribution, which requires a password for viewing, are also available.

Although it is a beta version, a feature that blurs notifications received during streaming so that viewers cannot see them is also included to protect your privacy.

Yukipoyo will participate in the release event!

Aim for 1 million JPY! TweetCasting Games Summit Campaign!

To commemorate the release, now holding the "Aim for 1 million JPY! TweetCasting Games Summit Campaign!"
The event will run for three seasens on "TweetCasting Games" and the top 100 ranking winners for each season will receive Amazon gift vouchers worth up to 50,000 JPY.
In addition, the top winners will have the right to participate in a special event with a prize of 1 million JPY.
Model Yukipoyo, who is also active as a TV personality, will participate in this event.
It is expected to be a spectacular event.

The campaign will run until October 31, 2019. For more information, visit Official campaign site. Got to check it!