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Cloud gaming service GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank officially launched in June

クラウドゲーミングサービス「GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank」の正式サービス開始が6月に決定
SoftBank announced the " GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank" cloud gaming service for Japan during the "SoftBank 5G New Product and Service Announcement Meeting" held on Thursday, March 5, 2020. by SoftBank ", the cloud gaming service "GeForce NOW" for the domestic market.

What is "GeForce NOW"?

GeForce NOW" is a cloud gaming service provided by NVIDIA, a developer and seller of high-performance GPUs.
The streaming distribution is performed on the "GeForce NOW" server side, so that games that require high performance can be played regardless of the device type and performance, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, which are not capable of high-load processing.
In Japan, SoftBank is collaborating to develop the service as "GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank.

Many major games are lined up!

GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank" features a lineup of over 400 major game titles.
The lineup ranges from the latest titles such as "Tekken 7", "SOULCALIBUR VI", "FORTNITE" and "League of Legends" by Namco Bandai, which are also well-known e-sports titles, to old favorites such as ""CUPHEAD". quot;CUPHEAD.
The lineup will be updated as needed, and the top titles can be found on the official "GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank" website


Service will begin in June 2020.

GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank" will officially begin service in June 2020.
The monthly fee is 1,800 yen (excluding tax), but the service will be offered free of charge to all users from the official launch in June until the end of July 2020.
Please note that not all game titles can be played with the monthly fee, and that each game title must be purchased individually from the digital game store.
Pre-registration is currently being accepted from the official "GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank" website, and the pre-registration benefits will be announced at a later date.
For more details and precautions, please visit the official "GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank" website



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