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Popular comic "One Punch Man" is now a game!

Popular comic

There have always been many games based on manga and anime.
However, no matter how popular they are, there have been many games that could not or would not be made into games due to the content of the original work.
However, Namco Bandai has announced a game adaptation of the popular comic "One-Punch Man"! And it's a fighting action game!
Hey, hey, hey...are you sure about this?

What is "One Punch Man"?


"One Punch Man" is a manga by ONE, who is also known for "Mob Psycho 100".
The main character is the strongest hero "Cytama", who can defeat any opponent with a single punch, and it is a hero story with a gag taste.
A remake of the manga, drawn by Yusuke Murata, known for his work on "Eyeshield 21", is serialized in Shueisha's web comic distribution site Tonari no Young Jump, and has also been made into an anime.
The character designs for this game also seem to be based on the remake.
If you want to know more about what it's all about, read ONE's original story and the remake by Yusuke Murata!

ワンパンマン リメイク版
One Punch Man Remake

What worries me...


If you are familiar with "One Punch Man", you may be wondering about the "competitive action" aspect of "One Punch Man".

"Is it possible to make an action game in which "Cytama" is the main character?"

That's a concern! Because all the enemies are terminated by One Punch!
The video shows that "Cytama" is not afraid of being attacked!
I can't help wondering how the game will be balanced.

3-on-3 team battles

There is not a lot of information announced this time, but it seems that it will be a 3 vs. 3 team battle.
Since it is developed by Namco Bandai, I have a feeling that it has a Jump Force feel to it from the video.

Wait for additional information!

It will be released by Namco Bandai Entertainment for PlayStation4 / Xbox One, and both price and release date are currently undecided.
There are still many things to be found out about the game system, characters, etc., so let's wait for more information!
For more information, please visit the official "ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS" website andofficial Twitter!