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MobileApp"Yokai Watch Medal Wars"delivered today!


Yesterday, Level-5 announced "YOKAI WATCH 1 for Nintendo Switch", a remaster of the original YOKAI WATCH game, and we at Saiga NAK were excited to see it.
Just as we were getting excited about the October release of the game, Level-5 announced a new smartphone app called "YOKAI WATCH 1 for Nintendo Switch", a remaster of the original YOKAI WATCH game. The "YOKAI WATCH Medal Wars" smartphone app has just been released!

An original story about "Oja Medals"

"YOKAI WATCH Medal Wars" is a collaboration between Level-5 and Netmarble, known for "Lineage 2 Revolution" and "The Seven Deadly Sins", and was developed by Netmarble's subsidiary, Netmarble Monster, Inc. Netmarble Monster, a subsidiary of Netmarble, is in charge of development.
The game combines a rich, original story with the casual gameplay of a smartphone game.
Let's retrieve the scattered "Oja Medals" together with "friend yokai" such as "Jibanyan" and "Koma-san," who are familiar to the series!

Real-time battles using "Hissatsu-waza" and "Change Skill"

Battle is a real-time battle in which both sides move in real-time and attack opponents.
The key to victory is the powerful "Hissatsu-waza," which can be used by accumulating Yokai during battle, and "Change Skills", which allow players to switch between their main Yokai and sub Yokai.
The "Change Skill" is especially important, and Whisper explains it in detail in a video.
Use "Hissatsu-waza" and "Change Skills" to your advantage in battle!

You are the hero! Create your own avatar!

The main character in this game is not Keta, but you, the player! So, create an avatar that is a projection of yourself and go on an adventure.
Create your own avatar with clothes, hairstyle, accessories, and more!
There is also a function that allows you to redecorate your room, so you can create another version of yourself in the world of "YOKAI WATCH Medal Wars"!

Let's go on an adventure!

"Yokai Watch Medal Wars" will be released today, Tuesday, July 30, 2019, and is a free-to-play smartphone app for iOS and Android.
It is a smartphone app for iOS and Android, and basic play is free. iPhone users can download it from the App Store, and Android users can download it from Google Play.
To celebrate the official launch of the service, the "Medal Wars Battle" event is being held, in which players are divided into "Jibanyan Team" and "Koma-san Team" to compete for team points in the ranking battle.
Follow & RT campaign will be held on the official Twitter, so let's start playing now!

For more information, please check the official website of "Yokai Watch Medal Wars" and the official Twitter account " Yokai Watch Medal Wars [Official]"!
For more information, check out the official "Yokai Watch Medal Wars" website and official Twitter account!

HD remastered!
HD remastered! "Yokai Watch 1 for Nintendo Switch"!...

HD remastered the first generation! "Yokai Watch 1 for Nintendo Switch" will be released!

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