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Switch softwares are great value! Now on sale!

Switch softwares are great value! Now on sale!

The "Super Mario Maker 2 Direct" was broadcast on May 16th at 7:00 AM, and the news was announced along with additional information on "Super Mario Maker 2," which was also covered by Saiga NAK.

The "Nintendo Catalog Ticket," which includes two tickets that can be redeemed for downloadable Nintendo software, is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers!
The price is 9,980 JPY (including tax)!

Valid for one year. Use at any time you like.

What's great about this "Nintendo Catalog Ticket" is that you can use it anytime you want within 1 year of purchase.

Of course, this ticket also covers Nintendo software that will be released up to a year from now, so you can use one ticket for software you want to play right away and the other for software that will be released in the future!

The only thing to note is that software under 4,990 JPY (including tax) is not eligible, but this is a gentle consideration since it is not a bargain if you redeem two software under 4,990 JPY (including tax).

It's a regular deal, but it's a super deal if you combine it with other software!

Let's see how much you can save by combining the eligible software!

If you like Mario, you can get "Super Mario Maker 2" for 6,458 JPY and "Super Mario Odyssey" for 6,458 JPY, which is normally 12,916 JPY but can be 9,980 JPY for 2,936 JPY!

If you like RPGs, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for 7,538 JPY and "Fire Emblem: Flowers, Flowers, Snow and Moon" for 7,538 JPY, which will be released on July 26, will be 9,980 JPY instead of the usual 15,076 JPY, a savings of 5,096 JPY!

If you want to get together with your friends and family, "Super Mario Party" for 6,458 JPY and "Super Smash Bros. Special" for 7,776 JPY will set you back 9,980 JPY from the normal price of 14,234 JPY, a savings of 4,254 JPY!

By the way, the best combination is "Xenoblade 2" for 8,618 JPY and "ASTRAL CHAIN" for 8,618 JPY, which will be released on August 30, for 9,980 JPY instead of the usual 17,236 JPY, a savings of 7,256 JPY! Almost half price!

Of course, any combination of eligible software is acceptable!

Pokemon Pikabui and Splat 2 are also eligible, so choose your favorite software and redeem!
Software priced at 4,990 JPY (including tax) or less is not eligible, so you will always get a discount no matter which combination you choose.
And since you can earn 499 My Nintendo Gold Points, you can actually purchase the software for less than 9,500 JPY!

To purchase "Nintendo Catalog Tickets" and check which software is eligible, visit My Nintendo Store!
This is only for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so if you haven't subscribed yet, check out the Nintendo Switch Online details to see what's available!

Nintendo releases
Nintendo releases "Super Mario Maker 2 Direct"!...

On May 16, 2019, "Super Mario Maker 2 Direct" broadcast announced additional elements in this title. At the same time, the official website was opened

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