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Nintendo releases "Super Mario Maker 2 Direct"!

Nintendo releases

On May 16, 2019 at 7:00am, the "Super Mario Maker 2 Direct" broadcast announced the additional elements in this title. At the same time, the official website was opened.

The basics are the same as in "Super Mario Maker"

Just like the popular "Super Mario Maker" software currently on the market, you can create your own courses in the Super Mario series and play them yourself, or use the Internet to distribute them to people around the world and play courses created by other players.

New parts announced this time

New parts announced this time

In addition to the existing elements, many additional elements were announced for "Super Mario Maker 2".

In addition to the existing elements, "Super Mario Maker 2" also includes a number of additional elements.

  • Slopes can now be set up.
  • Angry sun chasing Mario
  • Wiggly snake blocks
  • ON/OFF switch to switch between blocks, rails and conveyor belts
  • Seesaw that tilts with Mario's weight
  • Swing crane that can recoil and jump far
  • Free height of the water surface and magma. Speed can be adjusted.
  • Forced scrolling speed and direction can be customizable.
  • Vertical areas can be set up only in sub-areas. Forced scrolling is also vertical
  • Scrolling can be stopped by separating both ends with blocks. Private room stages can also be created.
  • Magnum Killer
  • The Kalon Kora can now be used, which is not affected by magma. Can also play dead.
  • 10, 30, and 50 coins can be earned in one piece.
  • More sounds and effects can be used in Otoasobi.
  • Two people can create a course together in "Futari de Tsukuru
  • Goal conditions can now be set
  • Tornado that blows up anything
  • Icicles that kick up when you pass under them
  • Tilted conveyor belt
  • A red Yoshi that spits flames
  • Parachute that can drop anything
  • Boom-boom entry

There are quite a lot of things to do, and you can arrange the course in a wide range of ways.
If you set up the sun as an example, the difficulty level of the course will surely increase dramatically.

New parts added

Addition of Story Mode to Aim at Rebuilding the Castle

Story Mode

Receive quests from Kinopio, challenge various courses, and get coins as a reward for completing them. The Story Mode is a new mode in which players use the coins they have accumulated to rebuild the castle.
There are more than 100 original courses to play through.
As the rebuilding progresses, Mario will be able to go to more locations and take on new quests.

Story Mode

New scene skins have also been added.

New scenes have also been added for you to choose from when creating your course. The new additions are

  • Desert
  • Snowfield
  • Forest
  • Sky

Four types of The range of course production will expand.

If you switch the sun to the moon, you can make it night.

You can change the course from day to night by switching the correspondence placed on the course to the moon.

Contrary to the sun, which will knock you out if it hits you, the moon will wipe out all enemies on the screen if it hits you.

Also, nighttime adds an effect to the course.

  • Above ground x night → Kribo floats up and down
  • Underground x night → upside down
  • Haunted house x night → Pitch black except for your surroundings
  • Sky x Night → Gravity lightens and the crib becomes a fluffy jump
  • Desert x night → Wind blows
  • Snow field x night → Slippery
  • Forest x night → Water becomes poison

This allows you to create a different course than before.

The items also change at night, from 1-up mushrooms to rotten mushrooms, but there are many other things to try.
Of course, it is also possible to make it night without placing the moon.

Game skin "3D World" is implemented

Game skin "3D World"

The parts are different, so it is not possible to switch from the previous game skins, but there are a lot of completely new tricks that allow you to enjoy creating a different course.
The 3D World has the following parts...

  • Cat Mario can climb and jump.
  • Earthen pipes that even enemies can pass through
  • A wooden box that floats on water or lava and can be used as a foothold
  • Warp boxes that can fly anywhere
  • Spike blocks that pop out spikes, which can be linked to an on/off switch
  • Surprise blocks that extend when you tap them
  • Tentetsu block that appears and disappears on a countdown
  • Kido block, which moves back and forth along a specified trajectory
  • Mushroom trampoline, which you can jump on to fly high
  • Beware of the spiky stems, Stretchy Pack 'n Go
  • Jump at the same time as Mario, PYONCHU
  • Beware of going too fast, Sawtooth Car
  • The ruler of magma, Woganfish
  • Dazzle Mario with your alter ego, Pum Pum
  • Magnum Killer can be launched toward the front

and it looks like you can play for quite a long time in the 3D stage alone.

3D World Exclusive Parts

Battles for Everyone Online

Online Battle for Everyone

"Super Mario Maker 2" now allows up to four players to play online at the same time.
Four players can play the same course at the same time, and can play "Battle with Everyone" to be the first to reach the goal, "Clear with Everyone" to reach the goal in cooperation, and so on.
The "Battle Rate" is awarded for being first in the "Battle with Everyone" game.

When you upload your course to the Internet, you can tag it, so you can play "Battle with Everyone" and "Clear with Everyone" courses together, or create a bad course, the possibilities for play are endless.
In addition to "Like," you can now rate courses with "No! In addition to "Like," you can now rate courses with a "No! You can also play in a new way by mass-producing bad courses and collecting "No!

Just a little over a month to go until the release of

"Super Mario Maker" will be released on June 28th (Friday) for 5,980 JPY plus tax.
It has been announced that a Nintendo Switch stylus (Super Mario Maker 2 Edition) will be included as an early purchase bonus.
The number of the pen is (or may be) limited, so be sure to pre-order if you want to get one!

Pre-order and purchase at My Nintendo Store!

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