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"Dragon Quest XI S"plenty of play trial version distributed!


Nintendo Switch " Dragon Quest XI: The Search for a Time G one by S" is set to launch in one month's time.
It has been almost two years since the game was released on PS4 and Nintendo 3DS in July 2017. With many additional elements and incorporating elements from both the PS4 and 3DS versions, this is the complete version of Dragon Quest XI!
Dragon Quest XI: The Last Time I Chose S is now available for pre-download on the Nintendo eShop, and a "full demo version" is also available for download!

How long is it?

"ドラゴンクエストXI 過ぎ去りし時を求めて S"たっぷり遊べる体験版
Dragon Quest XI: The Time has Passed S" Trial Version

Most demo versions of games are usually only available for a few hours at most, or for a set amount of time.
"I want to play more! I think it is elaborate for a demo version because if you play the demo version, you will buy the full version as well, because it ends after about "I want to play more!"...

I thought that the "playable demo version" of "Dragon Quest XI: The Last Samurai" would be like that, but to my surprise, it is a huge volume with an estimated play time of 10 hours!
You can play from the beginning of the adventure to the point where you join Camus, Veronica, and Sesnya and move on to the next town!
Is it safe to let you play that much?
If you are worried that you can play the game for 10 hours, you will finish it right away even if you buy the full version, don't worry.
At this stage, the adventure is still in its early stages. Many more adventures await you!

Of course, the saved data from the demo version can be carried over to the full version, and you can play from the beginning in the full version.
You can start from the beginning without transferring the saved data, but by transferring the clear data of the demo version, you will receive 3 "skill seeds" as a bonus for clearing the demo version!
As you will see when you play the game, it is a very important item, so getting 3 skill seeds is a very good deal!

A project to link the game with Smash Bros. has also started!

Yochi Spirits

A linkage project between "Super Smash Bros. Special" and "Dragon Quest XI: The Last Time I Chose S", in which "Yusha" is a playable character, has also started! Dragon Quest XI: The Search for a Time Gone by S".
If you have a record of playing "Dragon Quest XI: Seeking a Time Gone by" or "Dragon Quest XI: Seeking a Time Gone by S", you can play "Super Smash Bros. S" or the full version of "Dragon Quest XI: A Time Lost", you can get a Yochi Spirit in the game of "Super Smash Bros. This is a great deal for those who are already playing Smash Bros. and those who are just starting out.
The delivery date of the Yotchis will be announced at a later date, so let's look forward to it!

Screenshot Contest!

Dragon Quest Multi Pouch (for game console) Limited Black

One of the new features of "Dragon Quest XI: The Last Time I Saw You" is the "Photo Mode".
The "Screenshot Contest" will be held using this mode, which allows you to pose for a commemorative photo with your friends during your adventures!
Follow the "Dragon Quest XI S" official promotion account "Krutch", and send your screenshot taken in "Dragon Quest XI S" with the hashtag &quot The best entries will be announced each month and prizes will be awarded.
Every month, the best entries will be announced and prizes will be given away.
Even if you don't win a prize, one of your entries will be drawn each month to win a "Dragon Quest Multi Pouch (compatible with game consoles) Limited Black", which is not for sale, so be sure to submit your entries!

The release date is just a few days away!

Dragon Quest XI: The Last Time on Nintendo Switch will be released on Friday, September 27, 2019 for 8,618 JPY for the standard edition and 10,778 JPY for the gorgeous edition that comes with exclusive extras!
The "pre-download" has started on the Nintendo eShop.
The release of the game is just a little over a month away! Play the "Full Playable Trial Version" and get ready for the release!
You can download the "Playable Trial Version" from the Nintendo eShop!

For more information, please visit the official website of "Dragon Quest XI: The Time has Passed" andSquare Enix's official website!

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The “smash” hit for the Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has been selected to be one of the titles to appear at EVO 2019 this weekend.

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