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Sale! Ps4 trial ver.of "KILL la KILL the Game-IF-"

Sale! Ps4 trial ver.of

Developed by A-Plus and sold by Arc System Works, "KiLL la KiLL the Game -IF-" will be released on July 25, 2019!
A demo version of the PS4 version of the game was released on July 8!
Even though it's a demo version, you can use 4 characters and even play the first chapter of the story mode! How generous!

What is "KiLL la KiLL"?

KiLL la KiLL

"KiLL la KiLL" is an original anime by TRIGGER that aired in 2013.
This is the first anime series by TRIGGER, which was established by the main team that produced "GURREN LAGANN" for GAINAX.
The script is written by Kazuki Nakajima of "Gekidan☆Shinkansen", and the story is exciting and fast-paced.
To be honest, the setting and worldview are too unique to be explained in words, so please watch it!

The genre of "3D fiber-resistant action"

Clothes, fabrics, and fibers are important elements in the world of KiLL la KiLL, so many words have been replaced with characters that relate to them.
For example, "IF" is replaced by "different cloth", and "battle action" is replaced by "anti-fibers action". The replaced kanji characters also seem to have some meanings.

The genre is "3D battle action", but it is not a simple 3D battle action.
The game is based on a three-strike system of hitting, guarding, and breaking attacks.
Normally, this would be the end of the story, but in "KiLL la KiLL the Game -IF-" there are many more systems, such as the "Evasive Action" system, which is a three-step system of evading blows and reading evasive attacks, the "Blood Vengeance" system, which is a three-step system of taunting, provoking, and cursing, and the "Battle Loss" system, a one-hit kill system. The "battle strategy" is a one-hit kill.
At first glance, the game may seem complicated, but the simple controls make it easy for anyone to enjoy the flashy action.
This game will satisfy both fans of the original and those who are new to the world of KiLL la KiLL.

A play guide video is now available, so CHECK HERE to learn how to operate the game!

4 Popular Characters Available

In this demo version, you can use a total of four characters: the main character "Matoi Ryuko", her rival "Kiryuin Satsuki", and two of the Student Council's Big Four, "Gamagoori Ira" and "Sanageyama Uzu".
It is great to be able to use different characters with different personalities and operability.
If you are new to KiLL la KiLL, you can also check out the introduction videos for each character to see what kind of character they are!

I'll have to hold out for my favorite character "Jakuzure Nonon" until the release!

Trial version is already available!

The PS4 demo version of "KiLL la KiLL the Game -IF-" has been available for download from the PlayStation Store since July 8!
Why don't you experience the world of "KiLL la KiLL the Game -IF-" before its release on July 25th?

For more information, please visit the official website of "KiLL la KiLL the Game -IF-"!