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The 4th series! "ONE PIECE KAIZOKU MUSOU 4" announced!

The 4th series!

The world-famous manga "ONE PIECE" has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997, and the total number of copies sold worldwide has exceeded 450 million.

The game has been adapted into numerous video games, the latest of which is the popular "ONE PIECE Kaizoku Musou" (Pirate Warriors) series.

Warriors series with exhilarating gameplay

The "Warriors" series has been released by Koei Tecmo Games.

Starting with the "Samurai Warriors" based on the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", the series has collaborated with Gundam, Fist of the North Star, and Zelda, among others.

This action game is popular for its exhilarating experience of bludgeoning enemies that appear in large numbers.

Concept Movie Released

Three titles have already been released in the "One Piece Kaizoku Musou" series.

The concept movie shows that "Big Mom", one of the Four Emperors, will appear in the game.

Luffy also appears to be in "Gear 4", and we are excited to see how the controls will work!

Release is still to come!

The game will be released on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, with more information to come.
*Steam may be available only outside of Japan.

We are curious to see what new elements there will be in this very popular series.

The official website for "ONE PIECE Kaizoku Musou 4" has been opened to the public, so let's wait for more news!

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