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Mysterious flavor!? In the Saiga NAK editorial department, I guessed Cheerio's "MEGA mystery"!

謎のフレーバー!?Saiga NAK編集部でチェリオの「メガ700謎味 01 02」の味を当ててみた!

Cheerio Japan Inc. has been involved in many unique products.
The company has released a wide range of products, from teas, teas, fruit juices, coffee drinks, sports drinks, and even CBD drinks.
In particular, many of you may be familiar with the " Lifeguard" series of super-living beverages with their distinctive camouflage-patterned packaging.
This time, we would like to introduce two new unique carbonated beverages, Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 01 andMega 700 Mystery Flavor 02, newly released by Cheerio Japan Co.

Mysterious drinks addressed to the editorial department of Saiga NAK...

メガ700謎味 01、メガ700謎味 02
Mystery drink
Saiga NAK
sent to the editorial department

The other day, two drinks from Cheerio arrived at the Saiga NAK editorial office.
They are called " Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 01" and " Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 02 "!
As the name suggests, these drinks are flavored with a " mystery " that you can't figure out until you try them, and we want to help you communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues by solving mysteries so that you can enjoy your gatherings more! This flavor is designed to help people communicate with family, friends, and colleagues through solving mysteries so that they can enjoy their gatherings more.
This is a product that really shows Cheerio's motto of "Delicious, Enjoyable, and Innovative".
The answer is written on the back of the label, but since we were so curious, we decided to guess it together with the editorial staff.


Everyone in the editorial department took a guess!

メガ700謎味 01
Mega 700 Mystery Flavor
01Saiga NAK

We poured it into glasses and handed them out one by one.
It looks completely like Coke, but is it guarana or something else?
Let's have the editorial staff taste it now!
Let's start with Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 01.

「メガ700謎味 01」試飲 Tasting "
Saiga NAK

It's lighter than I expected with a hint of citrus. It's so easy to drink that I think I could drink the whole bottle even though it's 700 ml."

Smell is citrusy. The smell is citrusy, but the sweetness is refreshing and doesn't linger."

It's like a refreshing drink like Setouchi lemon, it must be citrusy!"

メガ700謎味 02
Mega 700 Mystery Taste
02Saiga NAK

Mega 700 Mystery Taste 01 was unanimously agreed to be citrusy.
It has a refreshing citrus aroma and a clean sweetness that leaves a lasting impression.
Let's have the participants taste " Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 02" next!

メガ700謎味 02 02
" t
asting Saiga NAK

02" was tasted and found to be "not too sweet, more like a zero-calorie carbonated juice."

This is clearly grapey! I think it's grape or grape!

Berry? I think it tastes like it's going to help me see better!"

「ガ700謎味 01」「ガ700謎味 02」
What do they all have in common: a

Many people seem to be of the opinion that this one is berry-like.
Like "Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 01," it is lightly sweet and has a fruity aroma.
Personally, I thought it tasted similar to Fanta.

ラベル It's
time to
reveal the Saiga NAK!

Now it's time to reveal the secret!
Peel off the label to see the answer!

ラベルを確認 Peel off the label and check the
Saiga NAK

Let's see.
The answer is...

What was drawn on the back of the label
... Saiga NAK


A voice leaked out from the editorial office, sounding surprised or as if the answer had become clear to us.
What was drawn on the back of the label?
We invite you to find out for yourself!

Try the "Mega 700 Mystery Flavor" and enjoy it like a game!

ヒカル考案 冗談抜きで旨いオードブル
Hikaru's no-jokingly delicious hors d'oeuvre
Saiga NAK

That's all for now, the editorial staff of Saiga NAK has sent you our impressions of Cheerio's "Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 01" and " Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 02"!
It's great to drink it with everyone and have a good time, like playing a game!
At 700 ml, it's a large quantity, so it's a great drink for parties and such.
If you are curious about the answer on the back of the label, please try Cheerio's playful drinks " Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 01" and " Mega 700 Mystery Flavor 02"!
You can enjoy both "01" and "02," but we also recommend that you compare the two drinks to see which one tastes better and what flavor it is!


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