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Tapioca of Demon Destruction!? Juice of demon!? I went to the popular tapioca shop "1011 SIPTEA" in collaboration with "Devil's Blade"!

鬼滅のタピオカ!?鬼滅のジュース!?「鬼滅の刃」とコラボ中の人気タピオカ屋「1011 SIPTEA」に行ってきた!

The Japanese-style sword-fighting tale " Blade of Oni-Elimination," serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, was adapted into an anime by Aniplex and quickly gained fans thanks to ufotable's divine artwork, and "Blade of Oni-Elimination the Movie: Infinity Train Arc" grossed over 57 billion yen at the worldwide box office.
In October 2021, "Blade of Oni no Blade: Hinokami Kifu Tan," a fighting game developed by Cyber Connect Two, will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam, and in December 2021, the second anime season "Yuukaku Hen" will begin airing. The second anime season, "Yuukaku-hen," will begin airing in December 2021.

Oni no Hane" has become very popular even across the sea, with the movie version being shown in over 450 theaters in Hong Kong!
And the popular "Blade of Oni no Ruin" has started a collaboration with the popular tapioca shop "1011 SIPTEA"!
Funglr Games went ahead and went to the collaboration between "Blade of Demons " and "1011 SIPTEA" right away!

Oni no Kai collaboration at "1011 SIPTEA" in Wan Chai!

1011 SIPTEASaiga NAK

1011 SIPTEA" is a tapioca shop in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
They recently collaborated with "Jutsu Kaisen" and have a reputation for anime-related collaborations.
There are several stores in Hong Kong, but this collaboration took place at the store in Wan Chai, Hong Kong!

Life-size panels upon entering the store!

鬼滅の等身大パネルSaiga NAK

When you enter the store, you will see life-size panels of popular characters!
In the front are "Muichiro Tokimoru" and "Saneya Shinigawa"!

鬼滅の等身大パネルSaiga NAK

On the left side are Shinobu Butterfly, Yoshiyuu Tomioka, and Anjuro Purgatory!
It makes you want to take a picture with them....

Oni-No-Emisu goods all over the store!

鬼滅のグッズSaiga NAK

There are a lot of Oni-No-Emisu goods in the store.

鬼滅のピンバッジSaiga NAK

Pin badges, stickers...

鬼滅のシールSaiga NAK


鬼滅のめんこSaiga NAK

Menko (masks) and more!

鬼滅のグラスSaiga NAK

There are also Onimete glasses with characters printed on them.

鬼滅のグラスSaiga NAK

Glass with Sumijiro design.
If you drink Enadori with this, you might be able to breathe water.

鬼滅のグラスSaiga NAK

Oni-No-Blade" x "1011 SIPTEA" is full of collaboration!
Not only the illustration but also the word "Sumijiro Kamakado"!

And a whole lot of fashion goods!

鬼滅のTシャツSaiga NAK

Oni-no-Elimination T-shirts!

柱のトレーナーSaiga NAK

The design has "HASHIRA" written in English with a close-up of the eyes of the pillar members.
It's just plain cool and fashionable even when worn as an ordinary T-shirt!

鬼滅のクッションSaiga NAK

Oni-no-Emishi cushion!

鬼滅のクッションSaiga NAK

It's huge! This cushion is sure to make your "home time" more comfortable.

鬼滅の帽子Saiga NAK

Along with the cushion, I also tried on the Oni-no-Enmisu hat that was in the goods corner.

鬼滅の帽子Saiga NAK

I had to be brave to wear it because of the " 滅滅" written on it, but... hmmm?

鬼滅の帽子Saiga NAK

"Curse, destroy, kill."
The back is also very cool!

鬼滅のポーチSaiga NAK

A card case and a pouch of "Oni-no-Enmisu".
This one is simple and white, and I thought I could use it for everyday use, but it has "滅滅" written right on it...!

Of course, it's a collaboration with a cafe...!

鬼滅のスリーブSaiga NAK

The Oni-No-Emishi sleeve is a must-have for a freshly poured hot drink.

鬼滅のスリーブSaiga NAK


鬼滅のスリーブSaiga NAK

Like this...

鬼滅のスリーブSaiga NAK

Like this!
You can even hang it by your hand and carry it around with you!

Colorful Oni no Juice

鬼滅のジュースSaiga NAK

Oni no Juice is made by pouring colorful fruit juices into Oni no Juice bottles with characters drawn on them.

鬼滅のジュースSaiga NAK

And a leather Oni-no-Emishi coaster!

鬼滅のジュースSaiga NAK

On the other side, Oni-No-Blade x 1011 SIPTEA with collaboration prints!

鬼滅のボトルSaiga NAK

You can buy the Oni-No-Effects bottles by themselves, so pick your favorite bottle, fill it with Enadori, etc., and drink it!

What about the drinks?

鬼滅のハトムギ茶Saiga NAK

We've been focusing only on the goods, but of course there are collaboration drinks as well!
Oni no Hatsumugi Tea poured by a handsome café employee.

鬼滅のハトムギ茶Saiga NAK

The bottle has familiar characters printed on it.
(The editorial staff enjoyed the Astragalus tea, which is full of Oni-No-Emishi atmosphere.)

The collaboration between "1011 SIPTEA" and "Blade of Oni no Kai" is now underway!

The collaboration between "1011 SIPTEA" and "Blade of Oni no Kai" is now underway!
This time we brought you a report from the Wan Chai branch, but the collaboration is also being held at the Ying Huang Theater (Maanshan New Port City Center) and the Ying Huang Theater (Tsuen Wan Tsuen Xintiandi)!
Due to the new coronavirus infection, the opening hours and other details may be subject to change, so we recommend you to check Facebook or other information before visiting the restaurant.
That's all for this report on the "1011 SIPTEA" x "Oni no Kiri" collaboration!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

86816鬼滅のタピオカ!?鬼滅のジュース!?「鬼滅の刃」とコラボ中の人気タピオカ屋「1011 SIPTEA」に行ってきた!
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Jujutsu and tapioca! I've been to 1011 SIPTEA, a tapioca shop currently collaborating with
Jujutsu and tapioca! I've been to 1011 SIPTEA, a tapioca shop currently collaborating with...

The "Jujutsu Kaisen" has become very popular in Hong Kong as well! Saiga NAK also went to the collaboration of "咒術迴戰" x "1011 SIPTEA&qu

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