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【TGS2019】Storm of romance in Taisho cherry blossoms!

【TGS2019】Storm of romance in Taisho cherry blossoms!

Hashire - Kousoku no Teikoku kagekidan

I am from the first Sakura Wars generation, where just seeing the words Oji Hiroi and Kohei Tanaka is enough to make me feel a surge of excitement. In the fall of 1996, when I was a student, I happened to play the game at a friend's house where I went to have fun. I was so shocked that I played it incessantly until my friend's mother treated me to curry for dinner. Needless to say, since I didn't have a Saturn, I asked my friend to let me borrow the entire console for a while.

The highlight for me at this year's Tokyo Game Show was the chance to try out this new title! Since the numbered tickets had already been distributed at the PlayStation booth, I decided to try it out at the Sega Games Atlus booth.

To the Sakura Bloom play corner!

I received an introduction booklet distributed in front of the booth and got in line. The wait time was 70 minutes. That's not even a problem.

The introduction booklet distributed at Tokyo Game Show 2019.
Saiga NAK編集部

We get in line and turn the pages of the booklet. The booklet is full of information about the creators, the main characters, and the game system. The waiting time will not take long if you spend it reviewing the information in the booklet.

There were about 20 test stands set up in the booth, and everyone was playing the main character, Seijuro Kamiyama, to their heart's content. In order to play the game with a fresh mind, I tried not to look at other players' screens while waiting in line.

Instead, I watched the trailer playing endlessly on the monitor on the upper level of the booth.

New Sakura Wars booth
Saiga NAK編集部

A corner presentation to get you in the mood

It is not only the trailers and brochures that create the mood. The corner itself also has a cherry blossom tree, giving it a Sakura Wars feel.

The "guides" who will take you from the waiting line to the test tables are also dressed in Taisho-roman style kimonos.

Flowering maidens
Saiga NAK編集部

Finally, there were only a few people left to take their turn.

It's time to try out the game!

The staff hands me a card explaining how to try out the game. It contains simple instructions and hints on how to enjoy the game.

The game is designed to be played for 10 minutes in Adventure Mode and 10 minutes in Battle Mode.

Opening screen
Saiga NAK編集部

That's right. This world view. It brings back many memories.

In the adventure mode, characters by Kubo Taito, a well-known character in BLEACH, move around in 3D. The movements and changes in facial expressions are wonderful.

The series' familiar LIPS system is still in place, and the best part is that you can enjoy how the characters' feelings change depending on the conversation choices and how they affect the story. There is also the option of not responding, in which case the response may be something like, "Don't be silent...".

The music as you walk around the building and the encounters with the characters are all very exciting. 10 minutes goes by very quickly, and I can't wait to buy and enjoy it more and more.

My personal favorite part of the production was a scene like this: the poster!

Poster! Posters!
Saiga NAK編集部

Yes, there was a poster of "For Love's Sake" in the room! There was also a bromide of Sakura Shinguji, which tickled the fancy of fans of the series.

The battle part of the game is in 3D, and I felt like I was moving around, and the attacks were quite exhilarating. I am not good at 3D games because I have a poor sense of direction and often get lost, but there were some tricks to make it easier to find the next location, so I was able to finish the game without getting lost.

Although the game lasted only 20 minutes, I was able to fully enjoy the world of Sakura Wars, and I felt that this work was very enjoyable for both fans of the series and first-time players alike. If you have even the slightest interest in this title, I highly recommend that you try it out during the Tokyo Game Show.

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