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Coca-Cola Collaborates with Masked DJ ! Coca-Cola Marshmello's Limited-Edition Drink Review

Coca-Cola Collaborates with Masked DJ !  Coca-Cola Marshmello's Limited-Edition Drink Review

Marshmello is a very popular artist with a huge following around the world.
Marshmello is a DJ and music producer with a trademark marshmallow mask, has over 55 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.
Coca-Colahas collaborated with Marshmello to create the Coca-Cola ZERO SUGAR Coca-Cola ZERO SUGAR THE ARTIST MARSHMELLOS LIMITED EDITION. Limited Edition will be released on Monday, July 11, 2022!
I got a bottle of DJ Marshmello's Limited Edition Cokeright away for a taste test.

This summer's limited special flavor!

DJマシュメロ限定コークSaiga NAK

This time, we will introduce the limited time drink Coca-Cola ZERO SUGAR THE ARTIST MARSHMELLOS LIMITED EDITION which is a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Marshmello.
This is the first time in Coca-Cola's history that an artist has collaborated on a product, and the packaging is also based on the white Marshmello specifications!
The Marshmello face in the center of the package is very adorable!

DJマシュメロ限定コークSaiga NAK

The Marshmello collaboration is supposed to be flavored with marshmallows, but it turns out that the flavors are Watermelon and Strawberry.
Coca-Cola has released strawberry flavors in the past, but this may be the first time they have released a watermelon flavor.
Let's check out what's inside!

DJマシュメロ限定コークSaiga NAK

When poured into a glass, the color of the liquid is the same as usual cola: caramel.
However, it tase very fruity.
There seems to be no fruit juice in it, but the smell is quite strong, and I can clearly detect watermelon and strawberries.

DJマシュメロ限定コークSaiga NAK

The mouthfeel is similar to a regular Zero Sugar, a slightly less sweet cola, but the watermelon and strawberry fruit flavors are more pronounced than I expected.
It has a fruity sweetness that doesn't linger, and it has a taste that is so typical of Zero Sugar that I never get tired of drinking it!
Especially since I haven't had much experience with watermelon flavoring, it's pretty fresh!

Twitter Present Campaign! You can win limited collaboration items from "Coca-Cola x Marshmello"!

DJマシュメロ限定コークSaiga NAK

This is a review of the limited time special flavor "Coca-Cola ZERO SUGAR THE ARTIST MARSHMELLOS LIMITED EDITION"!
This limited edition flavor combines the unique taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with watermelon and strawberry flavors, and can only be enjoyed this summer.

A Twitter present campaign is also being held to commemorate this collaboration!
To enter, follow the official Coca-Cola Twitter(@CocaColaJapan) and take the quiz posted by the official Twitter during the campaign period and guess Who is the #Hidden Marshmello Fan and quote the answer to the quiz!
If you answer the quiz correctly, a total of 300 people will be selected in a drawing to win one of the Coca-Cola x Marshmello limited edition items such as AirPods Case, AirPods Pro Case,Tumbler, etc. In addition, all winners will receive a sticker as a present!
The application period is until July 11, 2022 (Monday) - July 31, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59 Please take this opportunity to participate in this event!

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