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Bauhütte's plan, making a secret desk base was too good!

Bauhütte's plan, making a secret desk base was too good!

At TGS2019, we visited the booth of the gaming furniture brand " Bauhütte " and visited the secret desk base project.
When I hear the word "secret base" my heart flutters. I'm sure everyone has had the experience of being bitten by a snake in a secret base they built with friends when they were kids. Don't you?

Bauhütte "Secret Desk Base Project"
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Racing with gaming chairs and gaming tables!

Racing with a gaming chair and a gaming table!
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When it comes to racing games, steering wheel controllers are the most popular.
It is a must-have item that doubles the fun of racing games, but in fact, it is difficult to set up.
The desk needs to be high enough to operate the pedals, and the steering wheel needs to be fixed so that it does not wobble, so choosing the right desk is really important for comfortable play.
The " Racer's Cockpit " proposed by Bauhütte is a layout for exactly this purpose.
It was designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Height adjustability is the key.
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The combination of a gaming table and a gaming chair provides a low seating position, making you feel more like you are riding in a racing car.
The key point is that the height of the desk is adjustable. This allows the player to adopt a seating posture that suits his or her preference, leading to accurate pedal operation.
It is also thick enough to hold the steering wheel in place.
The lighter was not thick enough for the desk, and I remember clipping a VHS that was close at hand.... All those little things can really put a damper on comfortable play!
The weight capacity is also reinforced up to 100 kg, so even heavy operations will not shake the system, and you will be able to concentrate on enjoying the game.

Incidentally, the course prepared for the test play was the Nürburgring. The time limit was 5 minutes.
In this environment, I felt that I could beat the 5-minute Nurburgring time limit, but that was just my imagination.
However, I was able to operate the car precisely even in corners like the carousel, which requires delicate maneuvering, thanks to this racer's cockpit.
I want to have a set of these. I really wanted to have a complete set.

Products using Racer's Cockpit Layout
Long Monitor Arm BMA-300N 24,300 JPY
Elevating Low Desk BHD-1200L 27,750 JPY
Gaming Seating Chair LOC-950RR 34,500 JPY
Desk side rack BHS-600SM 14,250 JPY
Gaming Chair Mat BCM-144 6,750 JPY
Total 107,550 yen

An overwhelming sense of a secret base! Gaming Camp

A tent that looks like a tent
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As you can see, it is a tent. I'll say it again. It's a tent.
This tent is the perfect product for simply entering your own world and enjoying a sense of immersion.
Put it on your desk like a hat, unzip it, and you're in your own closed space.
You can easily create an environment where you can concentrate on your work and play without being disturbed by anyone.

A space where you can concentrate by blocking out unnecessary information
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The light from the outside is blocked out, and the only light that enters your eyes is from the monitor and LEDs. Since unnecessary information is blocked out, you can concentrate on the display.
From the outside, it looks compact, so you may think it is small inside. However, it was a comfortable space that did not feel cramped.
It is truly a secret gaming camp that makes you feel like you want to stay here forever.
The catchphrase for the layout is "drown in a sense of infinite immersion". Oh, I get it.
It would be interesting to have one of these in the office, or preferably for a group of people....

Man playing PUBG without the cameraman
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Gamers Can Play Out Products Used
BT1-130 10,500 JPY
Elevating type PC desk BHD-1200M 27,750 JPY
Gaming Chair
Student Model RS-200
13,500 JPY
Chair mat for each desk BCM-160 8,250 JPY
L-shape desk BHD-670H 14,250 JPY
Total 73,500 JPY

Why a bed at the Tokyo Game Show?

Gaming bed that needs no explanation
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The mannequin lying down here is the "Gaming Bed" from Bauhütte.
It is a bed, not a gaming chair that can be reclined to a large size.
It's already a bed. I can see the seriousness of Bauhütte's intention to increase the number of useless people. Bauhütte, you are a horrible child...!
And the mannequin is wearing a "Damegi", a wearable blanket.
The stretchy, dense fleece fabric feels great against the skin. If you wear such a thing, you will be a bad person.

Man who is on the straight and narrow path to becoming a bad person.
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I would like to say that it is not bad to be a bad person.

The mittens on the hands allow you to take your thumbs out so you can play without worrying about the cold, even in the middle of winter.
The fleece fabric, which is reasonably loose and insulating, is comfortably warm.
The " gaming sofa " is a large cushion filled with microbeads. It is a large cushion filled with microbeads that conforms to the shape of your body and holds you in place.
The " roomy bed rug " under the sofa has a terrifying performance that reduces a person's will to move to zero.
I could stay here forever more... as I mentioned earlier, or over here!
If my friend's house were like this, I would definitely go in there.
These are not yet on the market, but they are scheduled to be released soon. They would also make great Christmas gifts.

Bed rugs and gaming sofas by the room
Saiga NAK編集部
Dame着 4G LITE HFD-4LT Undecided
Gaming Sofa BHB-180 Undecided
Bed Rug BBR-180/250-BK Undecided

Attractive variety of products to suit your room and playing style

Gamers Big Hill with a vast work area
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In addition, various other layouts were proposed to suit different rooms and play styles.
Bauhütte's gaming furniture can be combined to create your own ideal environment.
The appeal of Bauhütte's products, such as the elevating function of the desk and the gaming sofa, which is scheduled to go on sale in the future, is the realization of gamers' aspirations and desires.
Personally, I still found the bed rugs for the whole room to be the best. Whether you want to be a badass or not, I recommend you experience it for yourself!

Bauhütte official page

Bauhütte's Standard Layout
Saiga NAK編集部
Products used in Standard Layout
Elevating PC desk BHD-1200M 27,750 JPY
Desk rack BHS-1200H 14,250 JPY
Elevating L-shaped desk BHD-670H 14,250 JPY
Gaming Chair
Student Model RS-200
13,500 JPY
Chair mat for each desk BCM-160 8,250 JPY
Total 73,500 JPY