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We went to CGA, the biggest esports venue in Asia!

We went to CGA, the biggest esports venue in Asia!

Esports arena CGA opened in December of 2018 in the Mong Kok area of Hong Kong - an area well known for its popularity among young people.
The venue sports an event area, studio, and an internet cafe.
The three creators of the new space were previous Rainbow Six pros passionate about the growth of esports in Asia. They planned to make an event space for esports, and spent over 30 million HKD (3.83 million USD) on the interior alone in order to inspire young players to aspire in the esports world.

The venue mainly sports a theater space and an arena setup where up to 80 people can play PC games at the same time. The space also includes a setup for streaming, and the venue is already starting to hold various kind of events.

About CGA

Main Area

  • Arena Space
  • Streaming Room
  • e-Cafe
  • Console & Mobile Area
  • Main Stage
  • VR Area

An esports Arena Mixed with an Internet Cafe

Arena space specialized for FPS games

The arena space, located in the center of the facility, holds enough space for 80 people to play simultaneously. The facility is not limited to esports events; space is also provided for general users to practice and do live-streams.
With equipment sponsorships from multiple companies, the players an experience high spec gaming at a great price.
The facility is also set up to hold large-scale competitions, and by simply only changing the lighting, the arena is tournament ready.

But of course, there's more!

Along with the arena space, there are other spaces ready to be used by aspiring esports players, and others who might feel uncomfortable by stepping into the arena space with the big boys.
There are two-seated semi-private rooms, catering to many different types of players.


Dedicated space for female players also available!

The facility also includes a women-only space, which male players are not allowed to use. A lot of the hardware is also geared towards female players. So, a lot of pink.
Mice and headphones are all from Razer's Quartz Edition series.

Dedicated Rooms for Live Streaming

Dedicated Streaming Room

The private room helps the streamer make use of the high spec PC and audio equipment without having to worry about people around them.

There are many dedicated booths in the private rooms

In addition to streaming, there are also private rooms where team play is possible, and a strategy booth where the players can write on a display like a whiteboard. Very useful for team building.

Of course, people other than esports freaks can have their fair share of enjoyment as well. A room for e-racing has also been set up in the facility, with super high spec, translucent towers. Everyone including tech geeks can also enjoy this section for an extra fee.

Spaces and Equipment for esports Events

Basement Studio

The Stage consists of about 50 seats, and has audio and video equipment ready for streaming, and is expected to be used for competitions and game launch events.

The Stage

Not only limited to PC games!

The venue doesn't just do PC games, but also hold events an tournaments for PS4 games as well!

PS4 Competition Info
Game: Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Date: March 23rd, 2019

VR Area

You don't find VR facilities like these just anywhere. There are also private rooms that can be used for team activities, and spaces for single players as well. There's even a large touch panel display that can be used for booking the rooms.

Comfortable cafe area studded with an esports feel

Special Drink

One bonus point about the venue is the cafe area where drinks and food are provided for free to the esports players.
The cafe also works as an area for smartphone game competitions, with two USB chargers at every seat!

The Cafe Area

With the cafe sporting a cushion sofa that you could fall asleep in, on top of a PS4, it's a great area to get refreshed between hard gaming sessions.

Console Game Store

When it come to esports, its easy to get stuck in a certain type of game genre, but at CGA, console games such as for the PS4 and Switch are available to buy, so you can get your RPG fix as well!
But of course, there are also other types of merchandise to buy, such as controllers and esports team merchandise. It's almost better than going to a normal game store!

There's also a store geared towards PC games on the main floor.

With two stores in the facility, and the one on the main floor is centered around products related to PC games.
You can order a custom PC of your choice, and even purchase standalone parts.

There's a huge selection of keyboards, mice, and headphones. The store also sells laptops, desktops, gaming routers, and monitors. It can definitely be said that one of the advantages of using CGA is that if you like what you use in the gaming area, you can buy it on the spot.
There are also gaming smartphones and gaming chairs, making you wonder what you CAN'T buy at this place!

Definitely check this place out!

CGA 料金表

This was just a brief explanation, but it's no exaggeration to say that CGA is the largest esports facility in Asia. In such an easily accessible location, definitely make time to stop by when you're in Hong Kong!

CGA Fees
ARENA(2am-10am) HKD$20 ($2.25 USD)
BOSS ROOM HKD$100 ($12.75 USD)
Streamer Room A HKD$100 ($12.75 USD)
Streamer Room B HKD$200 ($25.50 USD)
VIP ROOM HKD$240 ($31 USD)


CGA Information
Address G/F, 38 Nelson St, Mong Kok,Hong Kong
Phone Number +852 27882230
E-mail [email protected]
Official Site https://cga.gg
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CGAHK
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cybergamesarenahk
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