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Tried the 999.9 gaming glass "PLAIDe" perfect for esports!

Tried the 999.9 gaming glass

Previously, we introduced a gaming chair that protects gamers' backs, and now we would like to introduce gaming glasses that protect gamers' eyes!
Gamers who stare at their monitors continuously accumulate damage to their eyes without realizing it.
"PLAIDe" gaming glasses released by "999.9 (Four Nines)" are a remarkable item that reduces such damage and helps gamers concentrate on their games.

TGS2019 999.9 PLAIDe
TGS2019 999.9 PLAIDe
Saiga NAK編集部

Many people use blue light cut lenses, but what kind of features does PLAIDe have? We put them to the test!

Review of "PLAIDe" gaming glasses!

TGS2019 アスクブース内に設けられた999.9コーナー
999.9 corner in the TGS2019 ASK booth
Saiga NAK編集部

999.9 was displayed in the ASK booth.
When I heard "gaming XX", my first thought was, "Is it a pair of glasses with multi-colored LEDs? But the actual product is a simple and ordinary looking pair of glasses."
The actual glasses are simple "ordinary-looking glasses". Because they have Wellington-type frames similar to the glasses the writer usually wears, I looked at them with tinted glasses and thought, "Isn't gaming just a random word? I look at them with colored glasses. It's just glasses.

At first glance, "PLAYIDe" looks like an ordinary pair of glasses.
Saiga NAK編集部
It was easy to pick up, so I could try it easily.
Saiga NAK編集部

It's all in the details! These are for gamers!

Focusing on "concentrating on playing" in the design
Saiga NAK編集部

When you pick them up, the first thing you will notice is that they are lightweight.
And the temples (feet) are very thin. When you wear the headset, the temples of normal glasses are crushed here, causing a feeling of pressure, but this is reduced to provide excellent comfort.
It is true that the pressure is bothersome, and it also hurts my ears, making them uncomfortable.
It may be for gamers to consider using it with a headset. But is that all?

Increased cushioning
Saiga NAK編集部

When I looked in the mirror at the figure wearing it, I felt that the simple frame made it uncomfortable and could be used in everyday life.
It is a design that I would like to recommend to the Commander-in-Chief of a certain special agency.
The lightness I felt when I held it is even stronger when I wear it. The burden on the nose also feels light.
The nose pads are also made of silicone, so the fit is excellent.
The vines are perfectly aligned with the ears, which distributes the pressure and seems to prevent ear pain.
They are very comfortable to wear. They are light, thin, and fit the shape of my face so well that I don't even feel that I am wearing them.

The writer looks at the monitor as he plays
Saiga NAK編集部

The lenses are clear, and I don't get the impression that there is anything particularly different about them.
As long as they claim to be gaming glasses, you can't tell how good they are until you see them on a monitor.
So I will check how they look by comparing them with the naked eye.

The frame is quite distracting, but PLAIDe has a wide frame, so it does not come into your field of vision to the extent that you are concerned about it.
The lenses are clear, so the color of the monitor remains the same. There is no yellowish tint or anything like that, just clear.
It is so normal that it feels like ordinary glass.

However, when I actually looked at the monitor, I felt "something different!" I could feel it.
Somehow, the light seemed less stimulating.
It is not that the luminescence of the screen looks weaker, but rather that "the stimulation is somehow weaker".
The point of this product is that there is no difference in the way the screen appears when the wearer is not wearing the glasses.
We felt that this product was made with the gamer in mind, reducing the burden on the eyes without affecting play.

There are three modern frame options to choose from!

Three types of frames: Wellington, Square, and Boston
Saiga NAK編集部

In addition to the Wellington type worn this time, square and Boston types will also be available.
The company has focused on a design that is not flashy, but can be used just like regular glasses.
It is interesting to note that the glasses are not designed for gamers to use on a daily basis, but rather for gamers to use on a daily basis.
"PLAIDe" is scheduled to go on sale around January 2020, and is designed to be "ordinary looking glasses" but with the gamer's comfort in mind.
If you are not satisfied with conventional blue light cut glasses, or if you want to play while taking good care of your eyes, why not try "PLAIDe"?

Product Information

Brand 999.9 (Four Nines)
Official website
Product Name PLAIDe
Frame Shape Wellington (P-1)
Square (P-2)
Boston (P-3)
Scheduled release date Around January 2020 on the official EC site
Scheduled price 29,000 JPY + tax