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I immediately drank "RAIZIN GOLD FREE" that pops the mind and body with ginger!

ジンジャーで心も身体もピリッとはじける「RAIZIN GOLD FREE」を早速飲んでみた!

The calendar has turned to April and the weather has been pleasant with the arrival of spring weather.
The spring weather can make you feel sleepy after playing games or working at your desk.

At times like that, I want to drink an energy drink to get through the day, but I'm worried about the calories!
RAIZIN has released "RAIZIN GOLD FREE," which is recommended for those who have such concerns!
As the package states "Zero Caffeine", "Zero Calories", and "Zero Sugar", there is no caffeine, no calories, and no sugar!

Gold shining energy drink

Saiga NAK

RAIZIN has been available in a variety of colors such as orange, blue, and pink, but now it comes in a gold package!
A true gaming gold.

Saiga NAK

The ingredient list shows the following per 100ml bottle

  • Energy 0kcal
  • Protein 0g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 1.0g
  • Salt equivalent 0.15g
  • Caffeine 0mg

The above is a good example of a drink with zero calories and zero caffeine.
With zero calories and zero caffeine, you don't have to worry about drinking a little too much.
It also contains 1035 mg of galangal extract per 245 ml.
Zero caffeine in an energy drink? You may be wondering, "But RAIZIN contains galangal extract, a caffeine substitute that has recently become a hot topic.
This is recommended for those who like energy drinks but are concerned about taking in too much caffeine.

Saiga NAK

Now let's drink it!
Open the package...

Saiga NAK

Pour it into a slime glass...

Saiga NAK

Poured it all out perfectly!
This orange is Gome-chan's color! "
Now, I'm curious about the taste...
"It has a strong ginger aroma, but when you drink it, it has a moderate sweetness and you can feel a slight tangy stimulation in the back of your throat! "
Sounds like a good drink to have when you need a little stimulation!

RAIZIN GOLD FREE is now on sale to rave reviews!

RAIZIN GOLD FREE is available at convenience stores nationwide!
This energy drink has a strong ginger taste and is very stimulating.
RAIZIN GOLD FREE will get you through the spring weather!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

I drank the limited flavor "RAIZIN SAKURA" that signals the arrival of spring
I drank the limited flavor "RAIZIN SAKURA" that signals the arrival of spring...

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