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Review the energy drink "Squall Energy" that appeared from the familiar squall in Love Squall!


Skol, a pioneer in lactic carbonated beverages, is sold by Minami-Nippon Dairy Co-op, a company based in Miyazaki Prefecture.
Also known as "Squall of Love, " everyone has probably had a sip at least once.
Since its launch in 1972, various products such as sours, ice cream, and jelly have appeared on the market, and love has been all around us.
Now, 50 years after its launch, Squall is now available as an energy drink to energize those who fight!

Squall is now available as an energy drink!

skal-energy-packageSaiga NAK

Squall is often associated with the image of green, but the new Squall Energy is packaged in a blue base.
And in the center is a swan that looks like it is about to take off!
It is a different package from the previous Squalls.

skal-energy 成分Saiga NAK

The packaging is one thing, but the most important thing about an energy drink is its ingredients!
Here are the ingredients per 100ml

  • Energy 52kcal
  • Protein 0.3g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 12.6g
  • Salt equivalent 0.01g
  • Caffeine 40mg
  • Arginine 120mg
  • Vitamin B6 3.2mg

Each can contains 250 ml, so each can contains 100 ml of caffeine and 300 mg of arginine.
At 100ml of caffeine per can, this is a high caffeine content among energy drinks.
The amount is also a moderate 250 ml, so it is the perfect size to drink when you need a boost.

I drank it right away!

skal-energy-試飲Saiga NAK

Now that we've checked out the ingredients that provide the energy, we're also curious about the taste!
The taste that I am curious about is....

From the moment I opened the package, I could feel the flavor of an energy drink wafting through the air...!
Taking a sip, you can taste the lactic acid taste of Squall while it has a strong energy drink taste.
Overall, the drink is refreshing, so it can be enjoyed even in the hot season ahead!
The carbonation itself is not that strong, so even those who don't like carbonation can easily drink it!

Now on sale in the Kyushu area and through mail order!

skal-energy発売中!Saiga NAK

Squall Energy, which was released by Minami-Nippon Dairy Co-op, can be purchased in the Kyushu area or through Minami-Nippon Dairy Co-op's mail order website or Amazon.co.jp!
It is not yet available in areas outside Kyushu, but let's hope it will be in the near future!
Skål means " toast " in Danish.
Why don't you make a toast with Skål Energy in your hand this summer!
For more information on Skål Energy, please visit the official website of Dairy Minami-Nippon Dairy Co-op!


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