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Milk ×Enadori! Suntory BOSS's "Energy Milk" was surprisingly ant


Energy drinks, a gamer's companion, have a unique flavor, a kick of caffeine, and the stimulant effect of carbonation.
When you drink it, you can't get enough of that "ku~! I can't get enough of that feeling when I drink it, and it becomes my addiction, and I find myself reaching for energy drinks today, tomorrow, and the day after that.
Oh, how horrible... I wonder if there is a more hypoallergenic energy drink...
And then, there it is!
This time I am reviewing Suntory's "Energy Milk "!

Surprisingly, it has a gutsy caffeine content!

Energy Milk
Saiga NAK

Some readers may be puzzled by the unfamiliar term "energy milk," but don't worry.
But don't worry. Even I, a future drinker, am puzzled.
If the word "energy" is used, I have no choice but to drink it, but energy milk is indeed an unknown territory.
I would like to take off the veil with trepidation.

energy milk
Saiga NAK

First of all, I personally feel uncomfortable with the soft color of the packaging, even though it is an energy drink, but let's put that aside...
The words " milk power enhanced" and "caffeine. What is milk power? I wondered what the milk power was, but it seems to be the milk content.
I guess it is a combination of strong milk and caffeine. What a novel combination!
Then I looked down and wondered about the caffeine content...
The caffeine content per 100ml is 40mg!
At 74 mg per bottle, it's a little less than a bottle of Red Bull.

energy milk
Saiga NAK

Most energy drinks can be categorized as carbonated drinks, but this Energy Milk is a dairy drink.
It is completely on its own path.
It is probably the only energy milk that is written to be shaken before drinking.
The idea of shaking a caffeinated drink, never before!

energy milk
Saiga NAK

Pour it into a glass and it's cream-colored!
In terms of transparency, no other energy drink comes close to Energy Milk in terms of clarity.
The slightly skin-colored appearance seems to be very mildly sweet.

The taste I am interested in is... sweet milk like vanilla ice cream. It is not gooey sweet, but rather refreshingly sweet.
It doesn't have that guttural attack of energy, but it's just plain good! It's the kind of flavor that makes you want to guzzle it after a bath.
Caffeine and milk, a combination I have never experienced before, is surprisingly good!


"Isn' t that coffee milk? I mean...?


A mellow ENERGY drink that goes our way!

Energy Milk
Saiga NAK

So, this is a review of an unusual energy milk.
If you always ask for "tapioca milk without tapioca" at a pub, the waiter will ask you "Do you want milk today? I like milk to the point where the waiter asks me "Do you want milk today?
You don't see it very often, but if you see it, please buy it and drink it. See you soon!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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