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esports × garbage pick-up!? The world's first event "e-SPO GOMI" will be held in Yokohama! Is this "gaming garbage picking"...

eスポーツ × ごみ拾い!?世界初のイベント「eスポGOMI」が横浜で開催決定!これが〝ゲーミングごみ拾い〟か…

Electronic Sports, or eSports for short.
Fighting games, FPS, TPS, puzzle games, TCGs, MOBAs, racing games, sports games, etc... e-sports competitions are taking place in a truly wide variety of game genres.
Walking is also a great sport, so Pokémon GO and Dragon Quest Walk can also be considered e-sports in some aspects.
The flexibility of e-sports to collaborate with a wide range of genres, not just within games, is one of its charms, but it seems that an event with a curious combination will be held.
The world's first event combining e-sports and trash pickup! eSports GOMI - Let's erase trash and puyos! 〜The event will be held at the " eSports GOMI" in Tokyo, Japan.

Let's pick up trash! Let's make Puyo disappear!

eスポGOMI 〜ゴミもぷよも消していこう!〜
eSpo GOMI - Let's make trash and puyos disappear! ~ (YOUTUBER)/KOUZI

eSpo GOMI - Let's make trash and Puyos disappear! 〜is an event organized by Life Reversal Gaming, a company that challenges to create new value through games, as a member of the eSpo GOMI Organizing Committee, which is working together with the Japan Sports GOMI Federation andYokohama OneMM.
You may wonder what we mean when you hear that this is the world's first event that combines e-sports and trash pickup, but it is an event that aims to do both trash pickup and e-sports!
The first half of " Spo-GOMI," which is based on the concept of "garbage pickup is a sport," will be held, followed by a " Puyopuyo eSports " game match and the weighing and tallying of the results from the second half of "Spo-GOMI.
As the name of the event suggests, the event will be held under the title of "Let's Erase Trash and Puyopuyo! 〜As the name "eSpo GOMI" suggests, let's make the city clean by "G aming Garbage Picking " to erase both "Garbage" and "Puyo "!
The "eSpo GOMI - Let's Erase Garbage and Puyo! 〜will be held on Saturday, April 17, 2021! It will be held at ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace in Yokohama!
Please contact us directly from the official website of Life Reversal Gaming, Inc. if you have any questions about the event.
Please join us for the world's first event combining e-sports and litter picking!

Outline of "eSport GOMI - Let's make trash and puyos disappear! 〜Outline of "eSports GOMI
Date and Time April 17, 2021 (Saturday) 10:00-13:00 (Registration starts at 9:30)
Venue ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace (1-chome, Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Access 3 minutes walk from Exit 1 of Nihon-odori Station on the Minatomirai Line
Organizer eSpo GOMI Organizing Committee
(Japan Spo-GOMI Federation / Life Reversal Gaming Co.)
Cooperation by Engi Corporation
Supported by Yokohama Keizai Shimbun
Cooperation Fujikko Communication Research Association
Program 9:30 Registration
10:00 Opening Ceremony (Greetings from the organizer *about SDGs) Explanation of rules/ Pledge of Allegiance/ Operation Time
10:20 First half of "Spo-GOMI
10:55 Game battle *Game title: Puyopuyo eSports
    <NOBUO (6-time Mario Kart World Champion YOUTUBER) / KOUZI
11:50 Second half of SPO GOMI -Weighing and tallying
12:40 Closing Ceremony
13:00 Closing


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