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【EVO Japan 2023】Xiaohai dominates KOFXV and wins: "I came to Japan to win."

【EVO Japan 2023】Xiaohai dominates KOFXV and wins:

The finals of THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (KOFXV), held on the second day of the fighting game festival EVO Japan 2023, ended with a victory for Xiaohai from China!

Hot news before the hot fight!

The beginning of the KOFXV finals preceded the release of the updated news on each of SNK's titles!

  • KOFXV DLC character "Kim Kaphwan"
  • KOFXV DLC character "Sylvie Paula Paula"
  • KOFXV DLC character "Goenitz"
  • "KOF XIII GLOBAL MATCH" for PS4 and Nintendo Switch
  • Teaser video for the latest installment in the FATAL FURY series

Best 8

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

ZJZ "I will do my best, thank you."

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

ラギア "I somehow managed to make it to the TOP8 as a winner, so I want to keep up this momentum and do my best."

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

Leshar "I'll do my best, thank you"

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

Xiaohai "It's been a while since I've stood on a Japanese stage. I won't say anything unnecessary; I came to win!"

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

M' "I'll win EVO Japan again."

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

Dirty1m "I am a little nervous, but I will do my best to show my usual performance, so please give me some advice!"

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

あば男 "スコア couldn't come this time, so I'll take スコア to the finals. I'll do my best!"

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

ET "Everyone thought I would lose, but I'm still alive. I'll do my best to exceed everyone's expectations."

Shocking Grand Final

In the Winners Final, Xiaohai defeated ZJZ 3-0.
However, ZJZ won the Losers Final, setting up a Grand Final rematch between Xiaohai and ZJZ.


Xiaohai's momentum did not stop.
The winner of the Winner's Final and the Grand Final with a straight 3-0 victory was Xiaohai! Congratulations Xiaohai!

Xiaohai wins KOFXV at EVO Japan 2023!

KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

Xiaohai won the championship. He received...

  • Champion medal
  • Arcade controller
  • Backpack
  • 1 year's supply of "Rohto V5" + Rohto Pharmaceuticals product assortment
  • Champion trophy
  • JPY 1,000,000
KOFXVファイナルSaiga NAK

Xiaohai: When I came to Japan for Tougeki '07, I won in KOF98, but I have been told by many players, "KOF98 is an old game. He can only win in old games." So I continued to challenge myself in new games such as Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V, KOFXIII, KOFXIV, and KOFXV. EVO Japan 2023 was a great opportunity for me to prove that I can win not only in old games but also in new ones. I came to Japan to win.
Recently, it has been difficult to leave China, but I am happy that EVO Japan 2023 is being held. All the players are both rivals and friends. Thank you to everyone involved. I would like to participate in many more events like this, so please continue to support me.

 Mad Catz Arcade Fight Stick
EVO Japan 2023] gamera won the GBVS championship!
EVO Japan 2023] gamera won the GBVS championship!...

EVO Japan 2023" is a fighting game festival, and while the booths are a must-see, the stars of the show are the players. In this article, we will report on