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"Holo Live Production" will be exhibited at "Anime Expo 2022", one of the largest anime conventions in North America! Resale of goods and new goods also appeared!

北米最大級のアニメコンベンション「Anime Expo 2022」に「ホロライブプロダクション」が出展!

Anime Expo 2022 ", one of the largest anime conventions in North America, will be held in the United States starting Friday, July 1, 2022.
It is a trade fair focusing mainly on anime, manga, games, and video, with booths selling various anime and manga related goods, as well as stages featuring artists, voice actors, creators, and other splendid guests, cosplay shows, and more.
Japanese content and guests often make appearances, making it an event with deep ties to Japan.
The VTuver office " hololive production" run by Cover Inc. will be exhibiting at " Anime Expo 2022 "!

hololive productions" will exhibit at Anime Expo 2022!

"Anime Expo 2022"出展PR TIMES

At the " hololive Production s" booth, we will be presenting the first year's ambassadors of the " hololive Meet " project, " Sora Toki " (hololive), " Ayunda Risu (hololiveIndonesia), and " Gauru Gura " (hololiveEnglish), all of whom are ambassadors of the "hololive Meet" project in its first year.
In addition, the "Mori Calliope " solo live "Mori Calliope Major Debut Concert "New Underworld Order"" live goods, which has been sold out due to the great popularity of the event, and other goods will be on sale. Some of the goods from " Comic Market 99 " held on December 30 (Thu.) - 31 (Fri.), 2021 will be on sale again at the Anime Expo 2022, so if you are attending Anime Expo 2022, be sure to visit the " hololive production " booth! booth at "Anime Expo 2022"!

Event Outline
Event Name Anime Expo 2022
Booth Number [Exhibit Hall] NO.4606
Schedule July 1 (Friday) - July 4 (Monday), 2022
Opening Hours Local time 10:00-18:00 (Closes at 15:00 on the last day only)
Place of the event Los Angeles Convention Center

New Anime Expo merchandise for sale


Information on new merchandise to be sold at Anime Expo 2022 has been released!
There will be many " hololive Meet " goods such as T-shirts, tapestries, acrylic stands, etc., featuring key visuals newly drawn by Oludan(@ordan), as well as T-shirts with the logo of " hololive Meet " and other items such as &. quot; hololiveIndonesia " and " hololiveEnglish " talent names on hashtag-style acrylic key chains, and many other new items!

"set ready, hololive!" Comic Market 99 goods

Among the products sold at "Comic Market 99 " held from Thursday, December 30 to Friday, December 31, 2021, " set ready, hololive!" acrylic panel, " hololive calendar 2022" & "quot; HOLOLOLIVE ALIVE! quot; HOLOLIVE ALTERNATIVE Dawn Blue Blu-ray edition ", " hololive Chibikyara Tapestry ", " hololive Motif Sc arf" will be on sale again!
Some of the items include illustrations of "hololive Indonesia " and " hololiveEnglish " talents, so please take this opportunity to buy them!

Mori Calliope Solo Live "New Underworld Order" Merchandise Resale

New Underworld Order

Mori Calliope 's solo live "Mori Calliope Major Debut Concert "New Underworld Order"", which will be held on July 21, 2022 (Thursday ), is now on sale. The " ESSENTIALS PACK " set of live goods for "Mori Calliope Major Debut Concert "New Underworld Order"" will be on sale in limited quantities due to its popularity!
This is a rare chance to get your hands on the sold-out live merchandise again, so if you missed it last time, don't miss out on this opportunity!


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