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Experience "eFootball" at the Konami booth at the TGS2021 offline venue!


Konami's popular Winning Eleven (WinEleven) soccer game series has been reborn as " eFootball 2022 " with a new game engine.
fungle Games visited the Tokyo Game Show 2021 (TGS2021) offline to learn more about eFootball 2022, which was released on Thursday, September 30, 2021!

Experience eFootball 2022 at TGS2021!

Saiga NAK

First, I was looking for the Konami booth...
I saw a booth decorated with the uniforms of the teams with which Konami has official partnerships.

Present project
Saiga NAK

And if you look closely, you'll see a giveaway of "original T-shirts"!
I want one! I've been a fan of the game since the days of the Wii U, so I decided to try it out.

eFootball 2022体験
eFootball 2022 Experience
Saiga NAK

The latest transfer information is reflected in the game, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who was not with Manchester United, is now a member of the team.
Also, Tomiyasu, who has moved to Arsenal and is playing well, belongs to the team.
Local matches can be played with these new season players.

eFootball 2022グラフィック
eFootball 2022 Graphic
eFootball 2022グラフィック
eFootball 2022 Graphic
eFootball 2022グラフィック
eFootball 2022 Graphic

Best of all, the graphics in the game are very realistic!
Also, you can feel the real scenery as the ball is smoothly served from the ball boy at the restart.
You can feel the attention to detail in the game and get a sense of satisfaction just by looking at it.

During the game, players experience that they cannot win the ball just by dashing toward the opponent, which they have been able to do in the past in the WIRE series, and that the ball cannot be easily cut off without proper pressing and footwork by the player's will.
It was also a great opportunity for the players to enjoy the game when defending.

eFootball 2022 continues to evolve

To celebrate the release of eFootball 2022, a " Present Campaign " is being held for a limited period of two weeks, in which winners will be entered into a drawing to win a luxurious prize.
The deadline is Thursday, October 14, so don't miss out!

eFootball 2022" will continue to be updated to improve usability and add content.
eFootball 2022" has just begun!
The world of eFootball 2022 is still in its infancy and will continue to evolve with each update as player input is incorporated.
First of all, let's look forward to the update that is scheduled to take place in October!

The latest updates and information will be posted on the official "eFootball" website and official Twitter account (@we_konami ), so be sure to check them out and follow us!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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"Uiile" goes to "eFootball"! "eFootball 2022" trial game rel...

When saying a popular soccer game of Konami, it's a "winning, eleven" series, but it's reborn as "eFootball 2022" via time of 26 years from

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