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"Uiile" goes to "eFootball"! "eFootball 2022" trial game released on Thursday, September 30

「ウイイレ」が「eFootball」へ! 9月30日(木)配信の最新作「eFootball 2022」試遊会

Konami's popular Winning Eleven (WinEleven) soccer game series will be reborn as " eFootball 2022 " this fall, 26 years after the first game was released in 1995.
The release of "eFootball 2022" is scheduled for September 30, 2021 (Thursday), and on September 3 (Friday), less than a month before the release, Saiga NAK participated in a trial play event held ahead of the event for the media!

The memories of "WinEle" and the new world of "eFootball World" come back to life!

eFootball Media Trial
Saiga NAK

Listening to Producer Kimura's talk in front of the video of the latest title equipped with a new game engine, I was reminded of the first time I played the game.
The first time I played the game was during the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France.
At that time, most of the games were played with players moving 90 degrees, and the screen would often get choppy.
Players would not move as they wished, players would stop to meet each other and score, players who did not want to move would slide and it would result in a penalty kick, and so on.
The game with my friend brought back memories of a game that was both heated and crazy from frustration at the same time.

However, the game in front of my eyes has evolved in many ways, and now you can recreate your own soccer imagination with realistic touches on the ball, fast and loose tactics, tactics without touching the ball, and new tactics that instruct the AI to do what you want, all at your fingertips!
I felt that this is what " eFootball World " is all about, not "WIRE".

The evolution of "eFootball 2022" on the pitch


"We will create a next-generation soccer game engine that will change soccer.
What changes have been achieved as a result of the development that began with this determination?

Free touch of the ball

The game is now highly realistic, with the next development starting even before the ball is received.
You can also enjoy the direction and timing of your body and the tactics with the DF.

1vs1 tactics

The animation system has been revamped with a new game engine. The movements of the best players are represented in real time using "motion matching" technology!
The "1vs1" game has been deepened by thoroughly analyzing the real world, and the "5-meter evolution around the ball" is the most exciting part of soccer.
In addition, when players make contact with each other, vibrations are transmitted to the controller, allowing players to feel the physical contact and touch of the ball, making them feel as if they are standing on the field.

Physical x Ball Cutting

In this title, physical strength is a particularly important factor, and since you can hit the ball with your body, the timing of your defense is important, as you can prevent a pinch in advance, or even cause a pinch by getting fouled.
You will feel the exhilaration of playing defense as you take the ball out of the hands with advance measures.

And more! Many of you must have been troubled in the past by the offensive advantageous pass that goes through even if the pass course is eliminated.
Now it is possible to prevent these through passes!
If the pass course is erased, there is an operation that allows you to cut the ball by putting out your foot.
But be careful, because if you are dribbled here, you will be in big trouble.

Sharp kicks possible

Sharp long feeds that change the development of the game can now be triggered by themselves.
In the past, sharp kicks were automatically generated, but from this title, they can now be intentionally done through manipulation.
However, just as in real soccer, accurate kicking seems to be difficult unless the players are in a relaxed state, so the key seems to be how to create time and space in which they are not pressured by the opponent.
Other techniques include shifting the opponent's timing with a fine touch of the ball and shooting, feinting and dribbling through slow and steady play, and strong rising shots.
These were all in the full content of the game, which allowed players to select and guess, and attack and defend themselves.

Iniesta player x Pique player

All of this was made possible by two players who joined the advisory team!
It goes without saying that the experience of Iniesta and Piqué enhanced the reproduction of realistic offensive and defensive tactics.

Scenes of each player's movement analysis

It can also be said to be the fruit of the passionate efforts of the producers, including Mr. Kimura, who went to Kobe, Japan, to get a sense of Iniesta's thoughts and feelings, and to pursue a one-on-one confrontation.
Now you can practice world-class tactics in "eFootball 2022"!

New tactics to control AI movements, etc.

And more

  • By directing the AI's moves, for example, you can predetermine the moves of the second and third players, which greatly improves the tactics of the entire team and allows you to establish a style of play that suits you.
  • The new "Duel" camera zooms in for a more realistic 1v1 experience, and also provides a wider view when using a wider field for long balls, etc., to allow for more tactical play.
  • The "ball behavior" has been greatly improved, with the ball sliding in different weather conditions and bouncing on different types of turf.
  • The ball's rotation changes when it hits the wall on a free kick, for example.

This is a game that has reached the point where it could not be reproduced in previous versions of the game, and it is a perfect representation of the sense of conviction that players are looking for.

"eFootball 2022" graphics and mode evolution!

Entry to the stadium

And seeing the players in their suits as they enter the stadium is priceless!

Locker room before the game

You can feel the concentration and tension of the players before the game.

Entrance of players

Finally, the players enter the stadium.
Many people must like the sense of tension before the game.

Authentic Team

Authentic teams available from Thursday, September 30 are nine prestigious teams from around the world!
Whether it's the best of Europe or the best of South America, we can't wait to play them now!

Creative Teams

The name of "myClub" will be changed from "myClub" to " Creative Team " from this title.

The major change is that players will be acquired through a " gacha " system, but now players will be able to " nominate and acquire players of their choice".
This is exactly the style of the "Master League"!
It will surely revive the passion of past WIRE fans!
Some categories of players do not grow, which makes team building even more fun, and player development has become an essential part of the game.

From Producer Kimura.

"In the past, you put a lot of effort into collecting players, but from this game, we are putting more effort into player growth."

I want to develop my favorite players to the fullest.
The new game will be a fun experience for both those who want to develop their favorite players to the fullest and those who want to create an intergalactic army, so it seems that the team will change greatly depending on the player's thoughts.

New player categories in this title

New Player Categories

As you can see, the categories of players will be very different this time around.
This time, there are four categories: Standard, Trend, Feature, and Legendary!
The new " Trend " players will be different from the previous players in that they will be recreated from the latest games of current players or from a specific period of time, but they will not " grow up"!

What? What will happen to the players we have acquired so far? Many fans may be wondering, "What will happen to the players I've acquired so far?
Don't worry.
There are some differences depending on the platform, such as continuity rewards and transfer with new specifications, but it seems that they will be transferred to the new platform.
We will keep you posted on the website for further information!

Cross-Generation Match to expand the scope of exchange among soccer fans

Cross-Generation Match

In order to create a new e-sports platform, this title will feature "Cross Generation Match "!
This allows matches to be played between all compatible devices, including home consoles, PCs, and mobile devices, which was not possible until now.
Not only will you be able to play online with more people than ever before, but you will also be able to decide who is truly the best in the world!
I'm looking forward to honing my skills and being able to play against the fiercest players in the world.

An indispensable expectation for longtime fans.

Minanda Castro Burchat Cernilli Fornender...
The initial members of the Master League will be unforgettable for longtime WIRE fans.
When we interviewed producer Kimura, it seems that they will not appear at this time, but we are sure that many fans who love them will.
We hope that the fans' wishes will be heard and that they will make an appearance.

Finally, the test play! This is... the chance to decide who is "truly the best in the world"!

Competitive game
Saiga NAK

Today was the first time for me to try out the game, and I was allowed to do so under the watchful eyes of pro-gamers and producer Kimura!
The author has a little confidence in his real soccer skills, but his e-sports abilities are limited...

Actually my first PS5
Saiga NAK

I am an embarrassed mobile WIRE user, so I struggled a lot with the PS5 controller controls....

In the first game, I managed to pass the game, but lost 1-2.
In the second game, we lost 0-3. Defense is hard to come by...!

I was overwhelmed by the evolution of the game, and while I was impressed by the graphics and the smooth movement of the players, I felt sorry for the developers if I, the player, was not good enough, and I vowed in my heart to get revenge....
However, even I, who had never played PS5 before, became more and more accustomed to the game as I played, and as the passes connected and crosses were raised, the game gradually became a game.
This was the moment when I was assured that even "beginners" who take this opportunity to start playing can definitely enjoy the game! This was the moment when we were assured that even "beginners" who are starting out on this occasion will definitely enjoy the game.

It will be a short but long month before the game is available to our fans.
The latest updates and information will be posted on the official "eFootball" website and official Twitter account (@we_konami ), so don't forget to check them out and follow us!
Check back for the latest information and look forward to the release on September 30, 2021 (Thursday)!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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