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Experience the latest ever-evolving devices at the AVerMedia booth at TGS2022!


Tokyo Game Show 2022 ( TGS 2022)" was held at Makuhari Messe from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
Exhibitors were excited to be offline for the first time in three years, and everywhere you looked you saw images of attractive products and game titles.
Amidst all this, I found a booth that I just had to say hello to! I found a booth that I just had to say hello to!
We're going inside the AVerMedia booth, a well-known name in capture devices and audio equipment!

AVerMedia booth!

TGS2022 AVerMediaブース
TGS2022 AVerMedia booth
Saiga NAK

Here we are at the AVerMedia booth!
AVerMedia is known for its capture devices.
I have been a fan of the " AVT-C285 " and " GC550 Plus " for a long time.
I also use AVerMedia's products for the live broadcasts that I do on an irregular basis at Saiga NAK. I am very proud of my AVerMedia products....

But! AVerMedia is more than that these days!
They're rolling out USB microphones, webcams, audio mixers, and all sorts of other devices related to distribution!
At the AVerMedia booth at TGS2022, we had all of these products on display!

Live Streamer CAP 4K (BU113)

Live Streamer CAP 4K(BU113)
Live Streamer CAP 4K(BU113)
Saiga NAK

First of all, let me introduce " Live St reamer CAP 4K (BU113)"!
BU113" is a product that allows you to capture images from your camera in real time by connecting your digital SLR camera/camcorder to your PC/smartphone.

Show the "difference" online!

Although small and high-performance webcams have been released on the market one after another, nothing beats a DSLR camera.
It is a great way to show your face in game distribution, online meetings, presentations, etc., and it is sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees a "good-looking" image from an SLR camera!

Ultra compact

The "BU113" measures 94.2mm x 45.4mm x 16mm and weighs only 44.5g, so it can be used for shooting on the go!

The BU113 supports up to 4K (3840 x 2160) capture, and supports not only AVerMedia's own RECentral software, but also third-party software such as OBS Studio, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. The system also supports third-party software such as OBS Studio, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.
Please refer to the "BU113" product page for details on supported devices and specifications.

Product Overview
Name Live Streamer CAP 4K (BU113)
Connection interface USB 3.2 Gen1 terminal (Type-C)
Input terminal HDMI 2.0
Maximum input resolution 3840×2160@60fps
Maximum recording resolution 3840×2160@30fps or 1920×1080@60fps
Supported OS Windows / macOS / Android
Dimensions Approx. 94.2mm x 45.4mm x 16mm
Body weight Approx. 44.5g

Live Streamer MIC 330(AM330)

Live Streamer MIC 330(AM330)
Live Streamer MIC 330 (AM330)
Saiga NAK

Next is the " Live Streamer M IC 330 (AM330).
The "AM330" is a dynamic microphone for creators, focusing on "voice".
It does not react to distant sounds, but only accurately picks up sounds in front of it.

Perfect for distribution

While maintaining the performance of a dynamic microphone, the sophisticated metal design fits in well on a desk.
Boosting the mid-range to mid-high frequencies, it provides a rich, soothing, true voice of yours!
For detailed specs, please visit the "AM330" product page!

Product Overview
Name Live Streamer MIC 330(AM330)
Microphone Type Dynamic
Directional Pattern Cardioid
Connector XLR(XLR-M)
Phantom power Not required
Main unit dimensions 56mm x 167mm
Main unit weight Approx. 627g (including mounting bracket)


Saiga NAK

Last but not least is the " LIVE STREAMER AX 310 (AX310).
With a 6-track audio mixer and customizable control panel, the "AX310" handles all audio.

A must-have!

Here is an image of the connection.
The AX310 has a variety of input channels, including 3.5mm audio playback and recording devices, XLR and 6.3mm microphones, and USB 2.0, each of which can be adjusted for volume.

Creator Central App
Creator Central App

The Creator Central application allows for easy and flawless operation.
Adjusting widgets, adding hotkeys, and adjusting microphones is intuitive.
For more information on specifications and applications, please visit the "AX310" product page.

Product Overview
Product Name LIVE STREAMER AX310 (AX310)
Connection interface USB 2.0 terminal (Type-B)
Phantom power supply +48V
Supported OS Windows / Windows 10 (version 20H2 64-bit or later) / macOS 10.15 or later
Main unit dimensions 217mm x 145mm x 61mm
Main unit weight Approx. 702g

If you want to distribute, you need all of them!

If you want to distribute, you need all of them!
Saiga NAK

The "BU113," "AM330," and "AX310" introduced in this article will enable you to deliver ultra-high-quality video!
In particular, the AM330 dynamic microphone and the AX310 audio mixer/switcher are a perfect match!
Please consider AVerMedia's products!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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