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TGS2022 Photo Report! A stunning Xperia booth! Not only smartphones, but also gaming devices!


Tokyo Game Show 2022" (TGS2022) was held from Thursday, September 15, 2022 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
Not only game publishers and developers, but also smartphone manufacturers and gaming device makers exhibited their products, allowing visitors to have a touch-and-try experience that only an offline event can provide.
One of the most conspicuous exhibitors was Sony's Xperia booth!
This time, we would like to report on the Sony Group's Xperia booth, which had a strong presence at TGS2022 even though SEE was not exhibiting!

You can play popular games on your Xperia!

TGS2022 XperiaSaiga NAK

At the Xperia booth, you can play popular mobile games using Xperia.

TGS2022 XperiaSaiga NAK

The competitive corner was always overflowing with people, and there was a line out the door!

And experience Sony's INZONE gaming device!

TGS2022 XperiaSaiga NAK

This year's Xperia booth is not only for smartphones.
There was also Sony's INZONE gaming gear corner, where visitors could experience Sony's gaming devices.

Answer our survey and get a sticker!

TGS2022 XperiaSaiga NAK

At the INZONE corner, if you answer the questionnaire...

TGS2022 XperiaSaiga NAK

You can get this original INZONE sticker by filling out a survey at the INZONE corner!

The Xperia Girls make the booth look gorgeous!

TGS2022 XperiaSaiga NAK

One of the reasons why many people stop in front of the Xperia booth is the presence of Xperia Girls around the booth.
The "Xperia Girls," as we called them, were dressed in simple black and white, with only a ribbon on their chest and the "Xperia" logo on their masks to emphasize the Xperia brand.
The Xperia booth with these simple-is-best girls was exactly what Xperia stands for, "a place where various experiences are created.

Xperia GirlsSaiga NAK

The full outfit of the girls looks like this.

The Xperia Girls at a Glance!

Now, let me introduce you to all of the Xperia Girls that our coverage team photographed!

Xperia Girls
Xperia Girls
Xperia Girls
Xperia Girls
Xperia Girls
Saiga NAK

That's all for now, let's take a look at the Xperia Girls!

The "Xperia 1 IV" SIM-free model is the center of attention!

TGS2022 XperiaSaiga NAK

The Xperia booth had a variety of events and announcements over the four days, but the one that caught the attention of many gadget lovers at Saiga NAK was the "Xperia 1 IV" SIM -free model that was unveiled last week.
The Xperia 1 IV is already available in carrier versions, but this SIM-free model was announced at the same time as the Xperia Stream gaming gear.

The advantage of the SIM-free model is the freedom to choose a carrier.
With Sony's NURO Mobile, you can choose between docomo, au, and SoftBank as the carrier type, and it is 5G compatible, so the "Xperia 1 IV" SIM-free model is a perfect match!

The " Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition " with gaming gear "Xperia Stream" is available for pre-order at the Sony Store for 189,200 yen (tax included)!
The iPhone 14 Pro Max (512GB) with the same capacity costs 209,800 yen (including tax), so the " Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition " with gaming gear for 189,200 yen (including tax) is a pretty good deal!

That's all for now, this is my photo report from the Xperia booth at TGS2022!


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