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Free to visitors! Charge into the Damned Monster Energy Booth if you have to go!


Tokyo Game Show 20 22" (TGS 2022) will be held from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
We, the editorial staff of Saiga NAK, are also covering the event at Makuhari Messe, but we are already exhausted after being offline for the first time in a long time...
Then we saw the Monster Energy booth with its shining green lights!


Monster Energy, the official drink sponsor of the event

Monster Energy booth!
Saiga NAK

Monster Energy" also exhibited a booth as an official beverage sponsor of TGS2022!
Monster Energy" recently announced that it will hold the second Apex Legends collaboration in 2021, and at the TGS2022 booth, there will be sampling of the collaboration-designed cans, a limited-edition campaign to win a limited-edition gift box, and a live broadcast by pro-gamers and influencers. The booth at TGS2022 will also be hosting a live streaming event featuring pro-gamers and influencers!

Free "Monster Energy" cans!

Free Mon Energies are being distributed.
Saiga NAK

The official drink sponsor of TGS2022!
First of all, let's cheer up! Monster Energy" is being given away for free.
All you had to do was wait in line for 2 minutes and you got it!

Follow and retweet to participate in the campaign!

Hit it...!
Saiga NAK

Follow the official Twitter account of Monster Energy Japan (@MonsterEnergyJP) and retweet the specified tweet to participate in the limited campaign!
We tried at TGS2021 but failed miserably. This year...!

Stable white
Saiga NAK

...white in every way!

Thank you! (Regret)
Saiga NAK

I received a "Monster Energy" logo sticker with a white face!
Thank you!

Campaign Limited Items Preview!

Nessie from InfoLens is cute.
Saiga NAK

The Monster Energy x Apex Legends campaign will start on Monday, October 3, 2022.
You will receive a limited edition Pathfinder Skin, Pathfinder Tracker Set, and Rampart Tracker Set based on the amount of "Monster Energy" products you purchase!
They were shown to us at the distribution space set up in the booth!

Saiga NAK

Of course the skins are nice, but personally I like the tracker set!
I can't resist participating in the 2022 collaboration campaign where all you have to do is buy 5 bottles of Monster Energy to complete these exclusive items!

The customary octane pose
Saiga NAK

...and you were oozing too much frustration.
What a kind gesture to receive a limited design gift box containing the Apex collaboration design can!
Thank you so much! (Happy)

Limited edition gift box!
Saiga NAK

On the left is the regular Mon Energizer. On the right is the limited design Octane Mon Energizer!
And the limited stickers that were given out at last year's TGS 2021!
Hopefully there will be more next year...!

Monster Energy booth is now distributing!

A quick snapshot of the game over moment.
Saiga NAK

Monster Energy booth is hosting a series of events with pro-gamers and influencers.
When we visited the booth, Mr. Nobaman and Ms. Yoshizumi Ashizawa were playing!

The distribution schedule is as follows!
We've got a lot of people watching the game in front of our booth, so be sure to stop by!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

  • 1:00 p.m. - Nobaman (YouTube)
  • 1:00 p.m. - Yoshizumi Ashizawa ( YouTube)
  • 15:00 - ZETA DIVISION, Mr. Yaki Pan (Twitch)

Friday, September 16, 2022

  • 12:00 - Aun Kotoyu (Tw itch)
  • 16:00 - ZETA DIVISION Shinhama Esu (Tw itch)
  • 16:00 - ZETA DIVISION aco ( Twitch)
  • 16:00 - ZETA DIVISION Melton (Tw itch)

Saturday, September 17, 2022

  • 11:00 - Asa Me-san (Twitch )
  • 16:00 - ZETA DIVISION ta1yo (Tw itch)
  • 16:00 - ZETA DIVISION Reniki on Twitch
  • 16:00 - ZETA DIVISION Sudetaki (Tw itch)

Sunday, September 18, 2022

  • 10:00 - ZETA DIVISION Vorz ( Twitch)
  • 10:00 - ZETA DIVISION sitimentyo ( Twitch)
  • 14:00 - ZETA DIVISION Killin9Hit ( Twitch)

Collaboration cans will go on sale on Saturday, October 1, 2022

Starting on or about Saturday, October 1, 2022, Monster Energy with Octane design and Monster Ultra with Lifeline design will be available in limited quantities in collaboration cans, in stores sequentially!
Also, don't forget to participate in the campaign to win in-game items such as the Pathfinder skin introduced in this issue, which will be available only from Monday, October 3, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022!
For more information on the campaign, please visit the Monster Energy x Apex Legends collaboration website, which will open on Monday, October 3, 2022!


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