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"ESports MaX Gaming Festival Spring" will be held


"Gaming Festival 7", an e-sports event hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Television (TOKYO MX)'s e-sports information program "eSports MaX", will be held at MLB Cafe TOKYO Tokyo Dome on Sunday, May 19, 2019. The event will be held at MLB Cafe TOKYO Tokyo Dome on Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Six game titles

The "eSports MaX Gaming Festival Spring" will feature six game titles.
The game titles to be used are "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)", "Puyo Puyo eSports", "Tekken 7", "FIFA19", "JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU 2018 2019 Update Edition", and "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition", with the exception of PUBG, which will use the PS4 version.
"Tekken 7" will be male-female pairs, "Puyo Puyo eSports," "FIFA 19," "Powerful Pro Baseball Live 2018 2019 Update",and "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition" are individual competitions, and "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)" is a four-player company (school) competition.

Public recording of the program will also be held.

The "eSports MaX Gaming Festival Spring" will also feature a public recording of the event's host, "eSports MaX.
Please be aware that there is a possibility that you may be filmed in the program, so please be careful with your appearance!
I'm excited to be able to see Ushiro City-san, the MC of the show, in person!

Acer Japan announces its cooperation!

Acer is sponsoring this event.
They will be providing Acer's "Predator" gaming PCs and gaming monitors!
As we have mentioned before on fanglr Games, Acer's gaming monitors are great because they are easy to see even when you are moving fast.
The winner of the tournament will receive a gaming monitor, and there will also be a raffle for a "Predator" series mouse and headset! How generous!

Reference article

Acer Launches 1ms Ultra Fast Response Gaming Monitor "VG271Pbmiipx"

Registration is open until May 17, 18:00!

The "eSports MaX Gaming Festival Spring" is a free event for both participants and spectators, but registration for the event closes at 18:00 on May 17 (Fri.).
Even during the application period, the event may be closed if the number of participants reaches the limit, so if you are considering participating, be sure to apply early!
For registration and event details, please check the official event website of "eSports MaX Gaming Festival Spring"!

For those who live in rural areas and can't make it to the event, the event will be streamed in real-time on the "Twitch" distribution site!
To watch the event, please visit the Twitch competition video streaming page!

Event Summary

eSports MaX Gaming Festival Spring
Date and Time Sunday, May 19, 12:00 - 20:00 (tentative)
Venue MLB café TOKYO Tokyo Dome City
Venue Address Tokyo Dome City Crystal Avenue, 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Six-minute walk from Suidobashi Station on the JR and Tokyo Metro lines.
5 minutes from Iidabashi Station on the Metropolitan Expressway Ikebukuro Line
Venue URL https://www.mlbcafe.jp/shop/tokyo-dome-city
Event URL https://s.mxtv.jp/e-spo-fes/