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beautiful! throb! TGS2019 "Cosplay Runway" Report! High-quality cosplayers appear!


The Tokyo Game Show 2019, held last month, was a great success with a variety of game information and live broadcasts.
Meanwhile, many cosplayers came and performed at the show, and the cosplay area was packed to overflowing with people!

This article features the "Cosplay Runway," a performance event by super high quality cosplayers held on the first public day, Saturday, the 14th!

Cosplay Runway

Cosplay Runway Morning Group Photo
by Saiga NAK Editorial Department

The Cosplay Runway is a performance stage on the "Cosplay Area Stage" in the south outdoor area of Hall 9, where the Cosplay Area is located, featuring the participants and officials of "Cosplay Collection Night".

Cosplayers took the stage dressed as characters from popular and classic games.
The stage was open to the public, and many visitors were glued to the stage!

Here at once are some of the gorgeous performances held under the blue sky and cosplayers deciding on poses reminiscent of scenes from the games!

Title: Swordsmen of the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate manifested from Sword Dance
ONLINESaiga NAK Editorial Department
コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 The
performance team "Kagamikana Suigetsu" performed a magnificent sword dance!

Title: Saiga NAK Editorial
from Persona 5 Dancing Star Night
コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 A
stunning dance performance by the

コスプレランウェイ/COSPLARE The
strongest protagonists from JUMP FORCE
by funglr Games Editorial Team!
コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 The too-funny
pirate empress, Boa Hancock!
BANG! She's looking up at you! The pose of the pirate woman, Boa Hancock, is perfectly reproduced!
Saiga NAK Editorial Department

Title: Beautiful Hunter "Photographer" from Identity V.
Saiga NAK Editorial Department

コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 Title:
From Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Last Sword of the East
by funglr Games editorial department
コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 A majestic
costume dominates and dances gracefully
funglr Games Editorial Team

コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 Title:
Sexy and cute female hunter from Monster Hunter
, funglr Games editorial department

コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 Title:
From Uta no Prince Sama, not Veggie Love Kingdom... but QUARTET NIGHT, four members of
the funglr Games editorial team!

コスプレランウェイ@東京ゲームショウ2019 The
members of the Harugumi troupe perform an etude from A3!

Title: From LOVE LIVE! Sunshine!
members of Aqours
from the Saiga NAK editorial department!
They had wonderful smiles and looked like they were having a great performance
! funglr Games Editorial Department

Game-loving cosplayers, we're still looking for you!

What did you think? It took a little time to select the best photos.
We hope that we were able to show you the heat of the stage that everyone who loves cosplay, both the performers and the audience, went wild about.

If you are a cosplayer who loves games, please contact us on Twitter or Facebook!

Interviewed by Cure World Cosplay (https://worldcosplay.net )


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

Beautiful & Dynamic TGS2019 Cosplayers! Report on Cosplay Collection Night @ Tokyo Game Show 2019!
Beautiful & Dynamic TGS2019 Cosplayers! Report on Cosplay Collection Night @ Tokyo Ga...

We will feature Cosplay Collection Night @ Tokyo Game Show 2019, a stage event by cosplayers held on the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2019, Saturday, the 14th?