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eRacing event in HongKong:2019 eRacing Grand Prix Hong Kong

eRacing event in HongKong:2019 eRacing Grand Prix Hong Kong

eRacing GP Enterprise Limitedwill be an event held at Hong Kong's East Point City, where the famous racing team Phoenix Racing and Sony Interactive Entertainment have joined forces to give people the chance to become a racecar driver. On the day of the competition, twelve pro athletes along with pro racers also entered the competition as special guests.

So what is the "eRacing Grand Prix Hong Kong"?

View of the competition floor

The eRacing Grand Prix Hong Kong was an individual competition that took place with the newest version of the famous Gran Turismo, "Grand Turismo SPORT", with the twelve players who won the semi-annual qualifying match taking part in the competition.

The winner was a player who entered the competition under the name of Jonathan, who also came in first during the preliminary round. In the finals, Jonathan remained calm and cool, and although losing to Jactin in the fourth round, Jonathan was able to win by having the most overall points.

From left to right: Jonathan (1st), Jactin (2nd), KarS (3rd)

Can the winner really become a pro?

From left to right: Pro Racer Marchy Lee, Jactin, Jonathan
and BMW

In addition to the winner of the competition, two other players selected by the judges got chances to receive real-life training to become a pro racecar driver.

Campion of the competition, Jonathan, plus two other outstanding players were chosen to receive real race car training by Phoenix Racing Asia at their private track. One of the three will be able to receive a year's contract as a Pro Racer.

Sponsors Zenox, makers of gaming chairs, Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer, and Nissin Foods, the makers of the famous Cup Noodle, also provided prizes at the competition.

Racing seats for the game were provided by Zenox.

The Exhibition Game Taste Cup (Cup Noodle Cup) was one by the youngest participant, Alvin, who was awarded a years worth of cup noodles.

From left to right: BMW, Alvin, Mr. Ito from Nisshin Foods, and Chermont
Report from the main event of ACGHK 2019!
Report from the main event of ACGHK 2019!...

The event ACGHK 2019 (Hong Kong doumandenganfushi) and E-SPORTS&MUSIC FESTIVAL by which-was held during-Tuesday, July 30, 2019 on Friday on July 26, 2019