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GACKT is coming! "RAGE PUBG MOBILE Festival"!

GACKT is coming!

TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION" is now underway in Roppongi.
The number of visitors has been increasing, and the event can be enjoyed by individuals, groups of friends, couples, and families.
As recently detailed on Saiga NAK, CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, and TV Asahi will be co-hosting an e-sports event called "RAGE" at the "TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION". CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, and TV Asahi will be co-hosting the e-sports event "RAGE".
One of the main events at the "RAGE" booth will be the "RAGE PUBG MOBILE Don-Katsu Festival " to be held on Saturday, August 3.
Gorgeous guests will appear at this "RAGE PUBG MOBILE Donkatsu Matsuri"!

GACKT will appear!

One of the most surprising guests is GACKT, a very popular singer-songwriter!
GACKT is known for his love of games and anime, and he is also a very good PUBG player. Will we be able to see GACKT himself playing at the event?
As a side note, I like GACKT's 2nd single "Vanilla"!

Impulse Itakura on stage!

Toshiyuki Itakura of the comedy duo "Impulse" will also appear!
He is known as a game and Gundam fan, and even has his own TV show called "Kizuna Taiken TV Mobile Suit Gundam: The 07th Itakura Platoon".
He is, of course, an avid PUBG player, and he also distributes live gameplay on his YouTube channel.

Voice actress Akari Uehara!

Akari Uehara, a popular female voice actress, will also appear on the show! She is best known for her role as an eagle owl in the popular "Kemono Friends" series!
Despite her cute looks, she is a big PUBG fan! She plays PUBG so hard that she regularly distributes videos on her YouTube channel!

He also provides great commentary and live commentary!

Mr. OooDA, a popular play-by-play commentator, will be playing the "RAGE PUBG MOBILE Don-Katsu Festival", and Mr. Yoppy, the 2018 PUBG Japan representative, will be providing commentary.
With OooDa's light-hearted narration and Mr. Yoppy's player-friendly commentary, even those who have never played PUBG before are sure to be downloading the game by the time they leave!

PUBG fans, gather at Roppongi!

"RAGE PUBG MOBILE Don-Katsu Festival" will be held on Saturday, August 3, 2019 at the Roppongi Hills Arena Telecho Summer Festival Special Stage!
Entry to the event has already been closed, but there will be no charge for spectators on the day of the event. However, due to expected crowds, numbered admission tickets will be distributed from around 10:30am.
Entrance to the venue is limited, so if you want to make sure you get a ticket, head to Roppongi early to get a numbered ticket.
If you arrive early, don't worry, there will be plenty of fun events at the "TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION"!

The event will be streamed on OPENREC andYouTube on the day of the event, so those who can't make it to the venue or can't make it to the event can still enjoy the event.

For more details, rules, and players, check out the official "RAGE Mobile eSports - Challenge Popular Smartphone Games" website!

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