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Esports event "The First Kisuke Musou Battle"!

Esports event

KISUKE Corporation, which held a Power Pro eSports tournament in May and a Bomberman eSports tournament in June, will hold its 3rd KISUKE PRESENTS eSports tournament, "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament! " on Sunday, July 28, 2019.

The title of this year's tournament is "Tekken 7.

"Tekken 7" is a 3D fighting game that was first released in arcades in February 2015 and on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam in June 2017.
It is the latest title in Bandai Namco's popular "Tekken" series.
"Tekken 7", which is a standard title in e-sports tournaments, has been selected as the tournament title for "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament"! was selected as the tournament title for the "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament"!
The PS4 version of the game will be used in the "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament"! The PS4 version of the game will be used in the tournament, but the CERO rating is C, so players must be at least 15 years old to participate in the tournament.

Professional gamers will make guest appearances.

"The First Kisuke Musou Tournament"! The second Japanese female professional gamer " Tanukana " (CYCLOPS athlete gaming, Red Bull) will make a guest appearance.
In addition to providing commentary on the tournament, she will also be performing a gaming match, giving the audience a chance to experience the pro's skills.

Entry and spectating are of course free!

As in past events, this year's event will be free to enter and watch, thanks to the efforts of Kiske Co.
The tournament winner will receive a prize, a trophy, and a Kiske gift certificate worth 2,000 JPY.
Runners-up will also receive prizes and participation awards.

Entries can be made by calling 089-998-3000 or by filling out the Kisuke Musou Tournament Entry Form.

Check the regulations

The regulations for the "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament"! The regulations for the "Kisuke Musou" tournament are as follows.

Tournament Rules
Software to be used Tekken 7 (PS4 version)
Version Latest version at the time of the tournament
Match Format Single elimination format, 3 rounds, 2 matches to be played first
(3 matches to be played from the semi-finals)
Round time 60 seconds
Stage Selection Random Selection (Selected for each match. No re-selection allowed)
Player Side Determination The player on the top or left of the tournament table is 1P, the player on the bottom or right is 2P.
Character Selection First match must be declared in advance by the referee
After the second match, only the player who lost the previous match can change characters
Character customization Use default

eSports Experience Booth

An e-sports experience booth will be available at the same time as the "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament"! eSports experience booth will be available at the same time as "Kisuke Musou"!
"Powerful Pro Baseball Live 2018" used in the "Power Pro GW Cup in Kisuke 2019" and "The First Battle to Determine the King of the Blast! Super Bomberman R" used in the "Power Pro GW Cup in Kiske 2019," and "Tekken 7" used in this year's event.
The arcade controllers used by professionals and e-sports chairs will also be available for this year's tournament.

Tournament entry is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The tournament "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament"! The tournament will be open to the first 32 players.
The first 32 people to register for the tournament are the first to arrive, and those who are considering to entry should hurry, as this is another high-profile event that will feature a guest appearance by the talented professional gamer "Tanukana".
For more details, please visit the "The First Kisuke Musou Tournament!" event page.

Kisuke Muso Decisive Battle! Overview
Organizer Kisuke Corporation
Supported by Ehime e-Sports Union
Date and Time Sunday, July 28, 2019
Doors open/12:00, event begins/13:00-17:00
Venue KIT Hall, Kisuke BOX 3F
Participants Tournament matches: First 32 players
Eligibility Tournament participants must be 15 years old or older.
There are no age restrictions at the e-sports experience corner.
Participation and viewing Free of charge
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Tekken 7
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