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PLUG&PLAY2 Sanyo Shinkansen EX

TGS2023の「ハピネット」ブースにて新幹線を運転できる「電車でGO!PLUG&PLAY2 山陽新幹線編 EX」が登場!「X68000 Z PRODUCT EDITION BLACK MODEL」の展示も

Tokyo Game Show 2023 (TGS2023) was held from September 21 (Thu.) to 24 (Sun.), 2023. TGS2023 was held on the largest scale ever, using the entire Makuhari Messe building for the first time in four years, We reported on the booth.

First visit to the TGS venue in 20 years

TGS2023 venue
Saiga NAK

Twenty years ago, when I was involved in the launch of a sound novel game at a certain company, I actually exhibited as a manufacturer. This was my first visit to a game show in 20 years, and this time I was there to cover the event.

Konami booth
Saiga NAK

First of all, my frank impression was that compared to 2003, when I exhibited, there were far more foreign manufacturers exhibiting, as well as domestic ones. In 2003, there were 111 exhibitors, compared to 770 this year. Of these, 399 exhibited overseas. My impression is that I remember that there were almost no overseas exhibitors in 2003.

cluster booth
Saiga NAK

At that time, the main game was PS2, and therefore the number of manufacturers was quite limited. Nowadays, online games and smartphone application games are the mainstay of the market, which is why there are various manufacturers, large and small.

We covered the booth of Ruiki Co!

電車で GO!
Go by train!
Saiga NAK

While visiting the booths at TGS for the first time in many years, one thing that caught my eye was Ruiki's " Densha de GO! I have always loved simulation games for this reason. Of course, I have a copy of "Densha de GO! I bought it as soon as it was released after it was ported from the arcade game to the PS2. Why now? Because it's Shinkansen? And then came the shock!

ZUIKI booth
Saiga NAK

I saw the word " ZUIKI " on the monitor at the booth! It was about 10 years ago, and through an acquaintance, I had met President Wu of ZUIKI Corporation. At that time, Ruiki was a system solution company with only a few employees, but I had heard that it had decided to do business with Nintendo. When I looked at Ruiki's website again, I found that "llwinner SoC "R16" was adopted for Nintendo's "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer"" in 2016. In 2016, it was reported that "the NES housing has been adopted by Nintendo Corporation for the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer. The NES mini is a mini version of the NES, with 30 games from that era built in, and it was a big hit. Rui Ki's expertise in ARM SoCs is unique, and the company has also developed and released the Game Gear Mikro, PC Engine mini, and Mega Drive mini. PLUG & PLAY2 Sanyo Shinkansen EX", which will be released on December 7, 2023 (Thursday).

電車で GO!PLUG&PLAY2 山陽新幹線編 EX
PLUG&PLAY2 Sanyo Shinkansen EX

Also, Ruiqi is currently hot on the heels of Sharp Corporation's "X68000 Z PRODUCT EDITION BLACK MODEL ", the latest model in the X68000 Z series, a remake of the X68000, a personal computer that was released in 1987 and took the world by storm. The new model "X68000 Z PRODUCT EDITION BLACK MODEL", a remake of the X68000 Z series, will be released on September 28, 2023. This product is also worth noting. For more information on Ruiki Corporation, check out their official website.


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