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Entertainment-focused metaverse "VARK" surpasses 10,000 visitors in 10 days! A virtual live performance of fripSide will also be available in early 2022


VARK " is an entertainment-specific metaverse operated by VARK Inc.

VARK" released the WORLD function on December 17 (Friday),expanding its functionality from a service specializing in VR live performances to a comprehensive entertainment platform application.

With the WORLD function, a "plaza" function with voice chat, message boards, etc., which users can land on before heading to the "dome," the live venue, is now in place, enabling further interaction among users.

It was announced that the number of unique visitors to the "plaza" exceeded 10,000 within 10 days of the release of the WORLD feature!

VARK, a Metaverse Specialized in Entertainment

VARK" moves to the next stage through "exchange"!

VARK" has been used as a venue for virtual live events by many live performers and virtual idols, including NIJISANJI and hololive's live performances and Megu Shinonome's VR musicals.

Until now, users have been able to interact with other users by chatting during live shows or by using the "Plaza" as a WORLD function, which allows users to interact with each other before and after live shows.

The enjoyment of an event does not end with the event itself, but extends from the sharing of excitement before the opening of the event to the exchange of impressions after the event has closed.

With the WORLD function, "VARK" is expected to seamlessly incorporate the excitement before and after the event.

Over 2,000 posts on the message board!

VARK" message board gathers virtual handwritten messages

The "VARK" message board allows users to post and share their handwritten messages in a virtual space, and to post not only illustrations drawn on the spot, but also live captures.

While real-time voice chat is an attractive tool for interaction, the message board has a different appeal in that illustrations can be posted and messages remain on the board.

The message board seems to be thriving as well, with an announcement that the number of postings has exceeded 2,000.

Expect more momentum for "VARK" in the future!

"fripSide VIRTUAL LIVE 2022 in VARK" is scheduled for Saturday, January 8, 2022!

VARK" is a service that has recently come forward as a service that will be active in the metaverse, which has been the focus of much attention.

The service is riding a wave of momentum, including a 600 million yen capital increase in May 2021, and there will be new actions in the New Year.

On January 8, 2022, " fripSide VIRTUAL LIVE", the first virtual live performance of "fripSide", a music unit consisting of "Satoshi Yaginuma" and "Aino Nanjo" who are very popular in anime and game music, will be held. 2022 in VARK" is scheduled to be held.

The voice actor unit "Sphere" has previously held a virtual live performance at VARK, and expectations are high for a series of model cases in which artists who have been active in the real worldperform virtually as well. The expectations are high for a series of model cases in which artists who have been active in the real world perform virtually.

As an editorial staff member who loves VR, I welcome the increase of various services in the metaverse.

VRChat", "cluster", "NeosVR", "VARK", etc... We hope that each service will strengthen its own characteristics and become more and more popular.

For more information on "VARK," a metaverse specializing in entertainment, check out the official website!


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