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New sense Event "Wellplayed Festival",Enjoy esports!

New sense Event
Wellplayed, Inc. has announced that "Wellplayed Festival" will be held in Shinjuku, Tokyo on August 25, 2019.

eSports for Everyone

Wellplayed Corporation, Japan's first company specializing in e-sports, will hold its first offline event, the "Wellplayed Festival".
In order to realize Wellplayed's vision of "more citizenship for games," the event will be held under the theme of "an esports event where anyone can come and have a place to play.

Casual eSports Roundtable discussion: Wellplayed Festival Ver.

Mr. Tanida (nickname: Akahoshi), representative of Wellplayed Corporation, will host the "Casual eSports Roundtable" roundtable discussion event.
This event, which sells out immediately every time, will be held at the same time as the "Wellplayed Festival".
A wide range of guests, from professional gamers and team owners to manufacturers and sponsors, YouTubers and influencers, will take the stage to discuss a wide range of topics, from serious topics to topics that cannot be discussed officially, in a casual manner.
Visitors can also feel free to speak up, so why not ask questions about the esports industry that you have been wondering about on a regular basis?

Gaming events will be held at various places at the venue

On the day of the event, content consisting of some of Wellplayed Inc.'s beloved game titles will be held at various locations throughout the venue.
Professional play-by-play artists will be invited, and the event will be fun for everyone from beginners to core players.
Game titles and comments on each title are below.

"Clash of Clans".

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans: Eight Clans Enter, One Clan Leaves

Offline tournament for teams of 3 players in Town Halls 10, 11, and 12!
Comment from Yuri Yoshimura, Vendor Manager of Clash of Clans
"Thank you for selecting Crash of Clan for the Wellplayed Festival! We are honored to be a part of this opportunity to make esports more popular in Japan. We are looking forward to our first festival hosted by Wellplayed".

"Clash Royale"

Clash Royale

"Clash Royale" is not only for the young! For the first time ever, a tournament will be held to determine the "best of the best" by age group!
Comment from Mr. Toshinari Waki, Community Marketing Manager of "Clash Royale".
"I am thrilled to see that we are getting closer to the idea of "having a comprehensive e-sports tournament someday", which Mr. Takao told us about a few years ago. I am thrilled that our game is being featured in this event. I'm going to win the Kralova tournament!."

"#Compass - Combat Providence Analysis System"

#Compass - Combat Providence Analysis System
#コンパス ティザームービー【NHN PlayArt x niconico】

Public viewing of the official event to be held in Osaka! For those who can't make it to Osaka, let's have fun together in Shinjuku!
Comment from Tomoyuki Hayashi, producer of #Compass - Combat Providence Analysis System
"I would be happy if we could share the fun of #Compass Town Caravan @ Osaka with people in Tokyo! Please join us with Wellplayed to make this event a great success!"

Animal Tower Battle

Animal Tower Battle
App Store

"I didn't know such a technique existed!" You don't know about these advanced techniques! The battle to determine the best in the universe!
Comment from Yuta Yabuzaki, creator of the "Animal Tower Battle" app
"We are very happy to have been chosen as the title of Wellplayed's event! I'm very happy that many people will be able to enjoy and have a lot of fun with it, from the casual way of stacking animals to the more advanced ways of stacking animals that are usually hard to find!"

Dragon Quest Rivals

Dragon Quest Rivals

DQR's first! The first offline 3-on-3 tournament between guilds! Which guild will be the strongest?
Comment from Tatsuhiro Niki, producer of Dragon Quest Rivals
"Thank you, Wellplayed! We are very much looking forward to this offline event featuring the guild competition, which has been very popular around the world."

"Puyo Puyo eSports".

Puyo Puyo eSports

A tournament subject to the player ranking point system
The most casual title, but the most serious tournament of all!
Comment from Yuko Yasuda, the Puyo Puyo player in charge of "Puyo Puyo eSports".
"I am very happy that they chose "Puyo Puyo" for this event! I think there are still some people who have the impression that "Puyo Puyo" is an esports game, but I would like to encourage everyone to try Puyo Puyo, casually!"

A space where you can relax and have fun

Drinks, including alcohol, will be sold at the venue on the day of the event.
Original Wellplayed goods will also be on sale.
It will be a place where people can relax when they are tired of playing games or just want to take a break.

Please show your ID when purchasing alcohol.
Please refrain from bringing food and drinks into the venue.

For the last memory of your summer vacation

"Wellplayed Festival" will be held at CIRQ Shinjuku on Sunday, August 25, 2019 from 10:00 am.
The event will be broadcast live on YouTube for those who cannot attend the event on the day of the event.
The URL will be announced later.

For more details and additional information, please visit the official website of "Wellplayed Festival".

Comment from the organizer of "Casual esports round-table discussion: Wellplayed Festival Edition

From Yuya Tanida, Representative Director of Wellplayed Co.

The last roundtable sold out in 34 minutes with over 100 participants. The name of the event is "Yuru-Fuwa eSports Roundtable" and it will be held at our own event!
With the concept of "loosely transcending the boundaries of esports communities and titles," we invite people from various genres and in various positions (manufacturers, organizers, community leaders, professionals, MCs and newscasters) as guests for each session. We will talk about what you want to hear from the industry in a frank and candid manner. This time, since it is a traveling edition at a convention event, we would like to enjoy watching various titles together, so if there is a title you are not familiar with, please join me and someone who is familiar with that title while having fun eating and drinking together. We are negotiating with some interesting guests for this event, so please look forward to it.
I'm hoping to give out a limited number of Wellplayed Festival version Yuru-e stickers to those who pre-order. Whether you participated last time or not, come and have fun with me.


Outline of Wellplayed Festival
Date and Time Sunday, August 25, 2019, 10:00 - 21:00 (Registration starts at 9:30)
Place of the event CIRQ Shinjuku
Venue Address Postal Code 160-0022
IDC OTSUKA Shinjuku Showroom 8F, 3-33-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Venue URL http://www.cirq-hall.jp/
Admission Free of charge
Official website of the conference http://wpfes.wellplayed.jp
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/wellplayedinc
Organized by Wellplayed Corporation
Wellplayed Corporation Company Profile
Company Name Wellplayed Corporation
URL https://wellplayed.jp/
Address 2F Harajuku OM Building, 3-13-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established November 19, 2015
Representative Directors Yuya Yada, Kyohei Takao
Business Description Planning, production, operation, consulting, distribution, etc. related to esports

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